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Again, Thank You Jeff Landry for Your Fight Against Opioids

My regular job is oilfield related and many do not know that I was once a paramedic with Acadian Ambulance. Just giving this bit of personal information to put into context what I have to say next. This is from my personal Facebook page

What a way to start the weekend. Stopped for gas in Houma on the way back to New Iberia after work and walked in to the store and onto a guy overdosing on drugs in the Subway next door. Houma PD was already on scene and administered Narcan and the guy had an open airway by the time AASI arrived.

This is just another reason why I am proud of our Attorney General. Jeff was able to get Narcan for first responders to use and this saved this guy’s life.

The opioid problem is very prevalent here in our state. Talk to your kids!!!!

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Jeff Landry Hosts Annual Alligator Hunt

This weekend, AG Jeff Landry hosted his annual Alligator Hunt, with hundreds of supporters coming out to enjoy Cajun hospitality.

Several local elected officials, along with those seeking elected office, were in attendance, including Dr. Ralph Abraham, who is looking to unseat Louisiana’s Cajun Obama, John Bel Edwards.

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Baton Rouge, La. — Each year, Louisiana Family Forum (LFF) presents its Gladiator Award to an individual who goes the extra mile to advance freedom and honors the principles our nation was founded upon. The 2019 Gladiator Award recipient is Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry for his dedication to preserving the rule of law and the foundational principles of life, liberty, and limited government.

  • Under Landry’s leadership, the Louisiana Department of Justice (LDOJ) has vigorously defended legislatively enacted regulations on abortion providers. Currently, his office is preparing to argue June Medical Services, LLC v. Gee before the United States Supreme Court if certiorari is granted in the case. The law being challenged, Act 620 of 2014 by Representative Katrina Jackson, requires Louisiana abortionists to provide women with a basic standard of care by requiring physicians to have hospital admitting privileges at a nearby hospital in the event of emergency circumstances.

  • Attorney General Landry upheld the 2nd Amendment when he successfully led the efforts to block banks from doing bond business with the State after they refused to do business with law-abiding firearms companies.

  • Landry has upheld religious expression in schools when he co-authored the Louisiana Student Rights Review with Congressman Mike Johnson, the first set of such guidelines published by a DOJ for students, teachers, and administrators on religious expression in government schools.

  • Protecting children from predators, the LDOJ Cyber Crime Unit has made over 400 arrests.

  • Landry has repeatedly challenged executive powers when he asserted that Louisiana’s Governor was overstepping constitutional authority by interfering with the legislative process in crafting law. Landry’s assertion of executive overreach via Executive Order JBE 2016-11 (which effectively granted LGBQT+ ‘men’ the privilege to patronize women’s restrooms) has been upheld in three separate decisions all the way to the Louisiana State Supreme Court.

LFF President Gene Mills says, “Louisiana is fortunate to have a principled counselor as the head of LDOJ. Jeff Landry and his stellar legal team deserve honor and gratitude for a job well done and often completed under difficult fiscal limitations!”

Landry is receiving the award at the 2019 LFF Awards Gala on September 26th at Healing Place Arena in Baton Rouge, La.

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Seeking a 2nd Term, Tomorrow Attorney General Jeff Landry To Officially File for Re-Election

Photo source: Wikipedia

Photo source: Wikipedia

Landry will seek to continue his work protecting Louisiana 

BROUSSARD – Tuesday morning at Louisiana’s Secretary of State’s office, Attorney General Jeff Landry will officially file for re-election.

Landry has launched a new campaign website at and on the site outlines many accomplishments since first being elected to the office in 2015.

“I, and my team at the Louisiana Department of Justice, have worked tirelessly to protect the citizens of Louisiana. We are working to protect families from crime, working to protect our jobs and economy, and working to protect the common sense values Louisiana citizens share,” said Landry. “Tomorrow I look forward to taking the step necessary to continue that work for another four years,” he added.

In addition to the website the Landry campaign has been distributing lawn signs across the state and has provided material as volunteers reach out to voters going door-to-door.

WHAT:     Attorney General Jeff Landry Files for Re-Election  

Landry will address the media just after the filing. He will be joined by his wife Sharon and his son JT.  

WHERE:     Office of the Louisiana Secretary of State

8585 Archives Ave., Baton Rouge, LA 70809

WHEN:   9:00 AM, tomorrowTuesday, August 6

Recognized for his leadership by his fellow Attorney Generals from around the country, Jeff Landry currently serves as the national President of the bipartisan Attorney Generals Association.

Prior to serving as Attorney General, Jeff Landry was a successful practicing attorney, an entrepreneur and small businessman, a former Sheriff’s Deputy, a Sergeant in the Louisiana National Guard, and a Member of the United States Congress representing Louisiana.  

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Louisiana Citizens for Job Creators: AG Landry: The Radical Left Has Divorced Itself from Common Sense!

Photo source: Facebook

Photo source: Facebook

Last week, AG Jeff Landry issued a scathing Op-Ed chastising a Letter to the Editor in the Baton Rouge Advocate for criticizing East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff Sid Gautreaux. Sheriff Gautreaux recently came under fire for saying he would check the immigration status of criminals booked into the parish jail. AG Landry applauds this action as "common sense solutions to combating drug smuggling, human trafficking, and other criminal activity." He goes on to note that, "unfortunately, the radical left has divorced itself from common sense and instead advocates for open borders and the abolishment of ICE."

Thank you AG Landry, for supporting local efforts to combat the protection of criminal illegal aliens. Read his full editorial HERE!

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LANDRY: State of Emergency Declaration Puts Price Gouging Laws in Effect

Photo source: Facebook

Photo source: Facebook

BATON ROUGE, LA – With the Governor declaring a state of emergency, Attorney General Jeff Landry encourages Louisiana consumers to be conscious of price gouging.  

“It is an unfortunate reality that some people and businesses attempt to take advantage of consumers during and after natural disasters,” said General Landry. “I strongly encourage consumers who suspect price gouging to contact their local law enforcement agencies."

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Louisiana Citizens for Job Creators: Justice for Who?

AG Jeff Landry is once again being the voice of reason in the midst of the debacle that is the Edwards Administration's Criminal Justice Reform. This so called reform has once again failed the victims of violent crime. The latest example of this travesty comes to the people of Louisiana at the expense of a 6 year old child murdered by former police officers in Marksville, Louisiana. This child was an innocent bystander in his father's car when Officers Norris Greenhouse and Derrick Stafford fired shots at the vehicle, killing Jeremy Mardis. 

Officer Greenhouse was convicted of negligent homicide and sentenced to over seven years in prison but was released after serving less than 2 years. Louisiana Department of Corrections and Parole say that his original conviction is not a violent offense, making him eligible for release. 

AG Landry said, "Unfortunately, (Greenhouse's) early release is yet another example of the lack of transparency in our criminal justice system, as it relates to victims and their families." Thank you AG Landry for continuing to stand up for the rights of victims and their families and calling out the lack of accountability within the Edwards Administration's Department of Corrections. 

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Democrats Falsely Take Credit for Republican AG Jeff Landry’s Sweeping Louisiana Healthcare Bill

Photo source: Twitter 

Photo source: Twitter 

 “A Democratic campaign arm attempting to give John Bel Edwards credit for my Legislation, developed with Republican leaders, to protect pre-existing healthcare conditions without Obamacare,” Landry charged Tuesday. “A bill he attacked. THAT’S RICH. Thank you for recognizing the bipartisan support.”

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Or, Better Worded, Governor Signs Jeff Landry's Healthcare Bill Into Law

Trying their best to cover the backside of the liberal governor they love so much, Louisiana media has reported that “Honor Code” Edwards, who once called the healthcare bill recently passed by the legislature a “fig leaf” for Attorney General Landry, has signed that same bill into law.

After calling the bill a “fig leaf” aimed at saving Louisiana’s attorney general from embarrassment, Gov. John Bel Edwards quietly signed into a law a measure pushed by one of his political rivals that aims to eventually offer some protections to patients if the Affordable Care Act is overturned.

The bill was backed by Attorney General Jeff Landry, and authorizes the state’s insurance commissioner to study other state’s health care models to come up with a potential replacement for the ACA’s individual health exchange. It would only be necessary if the ACA is overturned--which is the goal of a lawsuit that Landry has joined.

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Louisiana Citizens for Job Creators: Landry Provides Solution to Obamacare Train-wreck

Photo source: Louisiana Dept. of Justice 

Photo source: Louisiana Dept. of Justice 

During the 2019 Regular Louisiana Legislative Session AG Jeff Landry partnered with legislators from both sides of the aisle to pass legislation that is being called the fix to Obamacare. The Health Care Coverage for Louisiana Families Protection Act opens up a wide range of options for healthcare and provides coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.

AG Landry's legislation is now being recognized nationally and he is leading the way in providing Congress with real solutions to our healthcare woes. He recently sat down with Brietbart to discuss this legislative win and explain how it could be a model for the entire country!

Thank you AG Landry for being a leader on healthcare and finding ways to solve the Obamacare disaster!

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LAGOP: Attorney General Jeff Landry Leads Bipartisan Obamacare Replacement Bill Through State Legislature

Will Governor Edwards swallow his pride and sign Landry’s plan?

(Baton Rouge, LA) – Attorney General Jeff Landry and House Speaker Taylor Barras partnered with Senator Fred Mills and Representative Kirk Talbot to reach across the aisle and develop a consensus behindlegislationto protect people in Louisiana with pre-existing conditions, in case the Affordable Care Act is struck down by the courts. Working alongside Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon, the legislature overwhelmingly supported this bipartisan plan to ensure the people of Louisiana will have access to affordable health insurance after Obamacare.

This bipartisan effortserves as a reminder to the people of Louisiana that our elected officials, regardless of political party, can come together in Baton Rouge and make important decisions for the betterment of the state, or at least most of our elected officials can...

Unfortunately, Governor Edwards has fought this bill at every stage of the legislative process. First, Edwards and his allies introduced a competing bill that failedin committee. Edwards thenlashed outin the media and began slandering the bipartisan plan. Unable to disrupt the momentum of the bipartisan legislation, Edwardsthrew togethera task force in anattemptto steal the headlines for himself. On the Senate floor, Edwards sent one of his allies to attack the bill with a hostile amendment. All of his efforts failed.

Back in April Governor Edwards saidthat he was looking forward to working with the Legislature to find common ground for both parties to work together. Instead he chose to sit in his mansion and attack real bipartisanship. Fortunately for Louisiana, the legislature went ahead and did the hard work, finding bipartisan ground to protect our healthcare.

Now all we need the Governor to do is stop pouting and sign the bill!

Louisiana Citizens for Job Creators: AG Landry Continues to Win on Obamacare

This week the Louisiana Senate passed AG Landry's Obamacare fix with almost unbelievable support: 38-0. This overwhelming, bipartisan display of approval proves that the plans set forth by AG Landry are sound steps in the path to addressing the UNAFFORDABLE Affordable Care Act.

AG Landry has worked diligently with Louisiana Department of Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon, Senator Fred Mills, and House Speaker Taylor Barras to craft this important legislation that would protect some of the most vulnerable patients in the state: those with pre-existing conditions. The ideas proposed by AG Landry are revolutionary and are real solutions to real health care problems. Should this bill, the Louisiana Families Protection Act, become law it stands to be an example for the entire country on how to fix Obamacare.

Thank you AG Landry for tackling this crucial issue and leading the charge for real solutions! Read more about AG Landry's bill HERE!

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AG Jeff Landry Spearheading Bipartisan Effort on Obamacare Replacement

Photo source: Twitter

Photo source: Twitter

In what is another example of Attorney General Jeff Landry showing true leadership in Baton Rouge, a bill working it’s way through the legislature, which would replace Obamacare, is receiving bipartisan support  

State Attorney General Jeff Landry, a former Republican congressman, has spearheaded the effort, saying it would inject real competition into the health insurance market, reduce costs for consumers and provide a safety net for those whose pre-existing conditions, such as cancer and diabetes.  

 “What we’re doing is going back to federalist principles, working within the long-established powers of the state,” Mr. Landry said. “It will be interesting to see what the governor will do.”

The ball is in the Governor’s court. Let’s see if he truly is worthy of that “Honor Code” label he loves to use

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Kennedy and Landry Team Up to Elect Conservative Republicans

Photo source: The Advocate

Photo source: The Advocate

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — U.S. Sen. John Kennedy is adding his prodigious fundraising talents to a political organization aimed at electing more conservative Republicans to the Louisiana Legislature, joining Attorney General Jeff Landry in the effort.

With both Kennedy and Landry in leadership roles, the Louisiana Committee for a Conservative Majority has unified the state’s top two GOP standard-bearers in its work to shift the Legislature rightward, particularly as term limits will keep many of the longer serving Republican moderates in the state Senate from running for re-election this fall.

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CITIZENS FOR LOUISIANA JOB CREATORS: Senate Approves AG Landry's Healthcare Bill

Today, the Health & Welfare Senate Committee unanimously approved SB 173 - the Health Care Coverage for Louisiana Families Protection Act which provides protections for patients with pre-existing conditions should Obamacare be repealed. 

AG Landry has worked diligently with Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon, Senate Health & Welfare Chairman Fred Mills, House Speaker Taylor Barras, and the entire committee to craft this legislation that addresses numerous concerns for health insurance recipients and those with pre-existing conditions. The win today is a huge step in the process for this important bill to become law.

Thanks to the Senate Health & Welfare Committee members Senators Regina Barrow, Gerald Boudreax, Norby Chabert, Dan Claitor, Yvonne Colomb Dorsey, Dale Erdey, Bob Hensgens, Jay Luneau, & Chairman Fred Mills for referring the bill out of committee!

And, THANK YOU AG Landry for standing up for everyone across Louisiana to ensure that health insurance coverage will not be in jeopardy for those with pre-existing conditions!

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AG Landry Exposes Rep. Omar's Support of Terror

Photo source: LA Attorney General’s Office

Photo source: LA Attorney General’s Office

Last week AG Jeff Landry did what Democratic party leaders are too scared to do when he issued a scathing review of Representative Illhan Omar's fundraising efforts for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). CAIR is a Muslim advocacy group with suspected ties to terror organizations. In his remarks, AG Landry took to task Rep. Omar's comments at a recent CAIR fundraiser in which she discredited the events of September 11th, 2001 in which almost 3,000 Americans were killed. 

"Rep. Omar, who has a penchant for disrespectful remarks, recently exercised her First Amendment rights by referring to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 as ‘some thing,'" Landry said. "However, what is more troubling than her anti-American comments is her support of the organization for which she was so honored to fundraise."

Thank you AG Landry, for speaking out against Rep. Omar and all of her anti-American rhetoric!

Read more about AG Landry's comments HERE!

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La. Attorney General: Omar Fundraised for Terror-Tied Group

Photo source: Twitter 

Photo source: Twitter 

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry (R.), a former member of Congress and an Army veteran, claimed that freshman Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar (Minn.) has been fundraising for a terror-tied organization that has a "long history of financing terrorist groups such as Hamas, Hezbollah and al Qaeda."

Landry, in remarks criticizing Omar's recent appearance before the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, accused the Democratic lawmaker of working on behalf of a group that disseminates anti-Israel propaganda and has a history of close relations with notorious terror organizations.

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Protecting Preexisting Healthcare Conditions and Other Louisiana Patient Protections


Legislation will promote patient protections and insurance coverage should pending litigation on the national Affordable Care Act be successful in returning power to the states for improving healthcare
BATON ROUGE, LA – New Legislation has been introduced in the Louisiana Legislature to provide for the availability of guaranteed healthcare coverage for preexisting conditions and other patient protections should a ruling on the Constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act be upheld.

Following extensive discussions between Attorney General Landry, Speaker Barras, Health and Welfare Senate Chairman Mills, and Insurance Commissioner Donelon; new Legislation has been submitted by Senator Fred Mills as a framework in addressing preexisting healthcare conditions and patient protections.

The bill entitled, "Health Care Coverage for Louisiana Families Protection Act", prohibits the denial of healthcare insurance for preexisting conditions, eliminates lifetime limits on the dollar value of benefits and prohibits annual limits on the dollar value of essential benefits, allows for healthcare coverage on parent policies for any child until the age of 26, and ensures that any healthcare plan provide for essential health benefits including ambulance care, emergency services, maternity and newborn care, hospitalizations, pediatric care, and prescription drugs among others.

As Attorney General Jeff Landry and Speaker Taylor Barras noted in interviews last September, Louisiana Republicans  believe people with preexisting health conditions should be protected.  Working with Senator Fred Mills, Insurance Commissioner Donelon and other leaders a focus has been placed on expanding healthcare choices, increasing coverage, patient protections, and reducing healthcare premiums.  The legislation introduced provides an initial framework in reaching those goals.


Last December, a federal court ruled the Affordable Care Act (known as Obamacare) is unconstitutional. This followed years of additional problems with the plan including cost overruns, the cancellation of some private health insurance policies, and the loss in choice of doctor for some patients. Should the ruling be upheld, the power to improve healthcare returns to the states for local solutions.

Source: Protecting Preexisting Healthcare Conditions and Other Louisiana Patient Protections, Attorney General Landry, House Speaker Barras, Senate Health & Welfare Committee Chairman Mills, and Insurance Commissioner Donelon Collaborate on New Legislation

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