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MURRILL: AG Landry protecting Louisiana children, including Native American kids

Photo source: The Advocate

Photo source: The Advocate

The following opinion was penned by Liz Murrill, Solicitor General for the State of Louisiana

As a mother of four, a former special counsel for Indian Affairs in the Governor’s Office, and now Louisiana’s solicitor general — I was surprised to see Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services Secretary Marketa Walters mischaracterizing a lawsuit Louisiana joined to protect Louisiana children.

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More of the Louisiana Media Kissing JBE’s Backside

Photo source: Twitter

Photo source: Twitter

The liberal bias is shining brightly at The Gambit, a New Orleans newspaper befitting fish wrap rather than news.

Attorney General Jeff Landry has repeatedly called for the rule of law to be followed in the State of Louisiana. Yet, when a hearing on the death penalty was recently conducted in Baton Rouge and family members of victims were allowed to testify, The Gambit called it a stunt on Landry's part and contrasted it to the "bold statement" from Gov. Gavin Newsom in California, who ordered a moratorium on executions in that state. What fair-minded reporting.

The truth of the matter is that "Honor Code" John Bel Edwards has repeatedly decided to bypass both the legislative branch of government and the will of the people of Louisiana. The Gambit would have you believe that these executions are not being done because the drugs used in the procedure are not available. Hogwash. There are a plethora of drugs available for the state's use in carrying out justice for victims and their families. The truth of the matter is that the governor refuses to use these drugs and is pandering to the left. And he's doing this at the expense of the people of the state that desire to see justice finally carried out.

But, don't blame me. I voted for David Vitter.

State attorneys general: Donald Trump's national emergency declaration is constitutional

Photo source: USA Today

Photo source: USA Today

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry helped pen the below column regarding President Trump’s emergency declaration regarding the border:

In declaring a state of emergency pursuant to the NEA, President Trump is using pre-existing statutory authority to address a legitimate crisis created by lawless conduct at and beyond our southern border. This emergency declaration is not a case of the president relieving himself of restrictions under the law. To the contrary, our president is protecting our country’s borders through means contemplated by Congress and used many times by past presidents for matters less directly threatening than those present on the southern border.

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Trump Thanks AG Landry for Combating Crime

Photo source: Twitter

Photo source: Twitter

Citizens for Louisiana Job Creators emailed the below regarding the recent meeting of Attorneys General in Washington, DC:

This week AG Landry was at the White House where President Trump recognized him during a speech on efforts done across the country to combat violent crime! AG Landry has helped lead this effort in Louisiana and across the country as President of the National Association of Attorney Generals. 

One major success story in this effort was recently highlighted by AG Landry in Monroe where violent crime has dropped by 44% over the past two years!

President Trump calls Jeff Landry a Friend as They Work Together on efforts to Fight Crime

ON MONDAY I WAS AT THE WHITE HOUSE. President Trump called me a friend as he spoke about our work fighting crime. I am proud to work with President Trump (Donald J. Trump) and others in PROTECTING LOUISIANA. Video below. Please share.

Posted by Jeff Landry on Wednesday, March 6, 2019
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Louisiana Suspends Abortionist’s License, Now He Can’t Kill Babies in Abortions

Photo source: Louisiana Law Blog

Photo source: Louisiana Law Blog

On Feb. 26, the LSBME issued a “Notice for Summary Suspension of Medical License” formally suspending the license of Dr. Kevin Govan Work, according to the Baptist Message. Work was an abortionist at Delta Women’s Medical Clinic in Baton Rouge and Women’s Healthcare Center in New Orleans.

The suspension comes after state Attorney General Jeff Landry and Louisiana Right to Life called on the board to investigate Work’s history of malpractice at the two for-profit abortion clinics.

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LANDRY: I Stand with President Trump

Attorney General of Louisiana, Jeff Landry, issued the below video highlighting support for President Donald Trump’s goal of securing the border and the border wall.

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Enforcement of Louisiana Admitting Privileges Law Temporarily Delayed by Supreme Court

Photo source: Louisiana AG

Photo source: Louisiana AG

BATON ROUGE, LA – Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry issued the following statement after the United States Supreme Court temporarily blocked enforcement of a Louisiana abortion clinic regulation:
“In 2014, our duly elected legislators almost unanimously passed Act 620 to require doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court today put enforcement of this pro-woman law on hold for the time being.

We remain hopeful that if the Supreme Court grants certiorari in this case, it will be to re-affirm that courts rule on fact-specific cases; because the facts in our case show Act 620 is constitutional and consistent with our overall regulatory scheme for surgical procedures.

Going forward, my office and I will be carefully reviewing the next steps in our defense of Louisiana's admitting privileges law. We will not waver in defense of our State's pro-woman and pro-life laws; and we will continue to do all we legally can to protect Louisiana women and the unborn.”

The statement can be found on the AG’s website here.  

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Louisiana Just May Be the State to End Roe v. Wade

Photo source:

Photo source:

An recent Supreme Court petition application regarding a law passed in the State of Louisiana may actually be the death knell on Roe v. Wade. The application, which is likely to be denied, would send the Louisiana law back to the lower courts, thus effectively ending Roe.

Per the left-leaning ThinkProgress:

Yes, the court is very unlikely to hand down an opinion this week which uses the words “Roe v. Wade is overruled.” But these abortion providers filed this application because a federal appeals court openly defied the Supreme Court’s most recent abortion decision. When the court refuses to enforce its own decision, that will send a clear signal to lower court judges throughout the country that they are free to uphold restrictions on abortion.

The case is June Medical Services v. Gee.

Louisiana’s Attorney General, Jeff Landry, had the following to say regarding the Fifth Circuit’s ruling on the Louisiana Law, which is being petitioned to the Supreme Court:

“The Fifth Circuit once again affirmed what we have repeatedly said: our law is both factually and legally different from the Texas law that the Supreme Court ruled against,” Landry said. “I once again thank Representative Katrina Jackson for authoring this public safety legislation and Solicitor General Liz Murrill for preserving the Legislature’s intent.”

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The Supreme Court may kill Roe v. Wade as soon as this week

Abortion Advocates Ask SCOTUS to Halt Louisiana Law Requiring Abortion Doctors to Have Hospital Admitting Privileges

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Jeff Landry on Nancy Pelosi: She Enjoys Her Wall While Opposing Southern Border Wall

Photo source: Louisiana AG

Photo source: Louisiana AG

 Nancy Pelosi has a long laundry list of hypocrisy in every single thing she does. She has a front door on her house. She has a fence around her house. She has security measures around her house. She has a door to her congressional office. She doesn’t, evidently, just let anybody in. What’s amazing is this is exactly on a much more larger scale … what’s going on in this country. What Nancy Pelosi and the Left want is, they want chaos because, under chaos, they control. They certainly must support the violence. They do nothing to suppress it. They do nothing to condemn it.

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Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry Announces Arrest of Illegal Immigrant

Photo source: KLFY

Photo source: KLFY

“Yet again, our office has arrested another illegal immigrant accused of exploiting children,” said Landry in his statement. “This man who should not be in our country has been picked up for possessing and distributing pornography involving juveniles under the age of 13.”

Landry claims arrests like this one "highlight the need for improved border security".

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Louisiana Continues to Lead the Way for Life

Photo source: March for Life

Photo source: March for Life

On the 46th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion, Attorney General Jeff Landry announced Tuesday that a new law would go into effect next week that could further limit access to pregnancy termination procedures in Louisiana.

Starting Monday, Jan. 28, physicians who perform abortions must have permission to use nearby hospitals, called “admitting privileges,” Landry said in a news release. That’s barring any appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court of a decision last week by the 5th U.S. Circuit Court Appeals.

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Pro-Life Law in Louisiana Wins Another Court Battle

Admitting Privileges Law Could Be Enforced by End of Month


NEW ORLEANS, LA - Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry praised a federal court for their decision late last week to reject yet another court hearing on Act 620. General Landry’s Office has been defending the bipartisan law which requires abortion providers in Louisiana be able to admit patients at nearby hospitals in the event of complications.

“I applaud the Fifth Circuit’s decision to reject the abortion providers’ latest legal challenge to Louisiana’s pro-life and pro-woman admitting privileges law,” said General Landry. “Act 620 is common-sense measure that ensures women will receive proper care if they have complications.”

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AG Jeff Landry Meets With Trump on Border Security

Photo source: Wikipedia  

Photo source: Wikipedia  

 "We have seen what happens when we allow criminals to come into our country illegally," Landry said, pointing to the 2016 death of St. John Fire Chief Spencer Chauvin when a bus driver living in the U.S. illegally crashed his vehicle and killed Chauvin and Jermaine Starr.

"Spencer Chauvin's wife, Jennifer, and his two children, Jude and Jade, will never be reunited with their husband and father here on this earth."

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AG Jeff Landry Kicks "Honor Code" in the Backside Yet Again

Photo source: Louisiana Dept. of Justice

Photo source: Louisiana Dept. of Justice

In yet another installment of “AG Landry kicks “Honor Code” Edwards in the backside”, the below happened in state court yesterday:

A testy dispute between former state Sen. Larry Bankston and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry over who should represent the state's contractor licensing board doesn't belong in the courts, a state appeals court ruled Thursday.

It what seems like an almost weekly occurrence, Landry has repeatedly shown the Cajun Obama that he is not above the laws of the State of Louisiana and that he is beholden to such.

Landry, a Republican, initially questioned whether Bankston, a convicted felon who was temporarily disbarred, should be allowed to work for the state. Bankston, a Democrat, is an ally of Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards.

At least we have one person in State office that respects the rule of law and the Constitution of Louisiana. Sadly, the Governor of our state does not.

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LANDRY: Plenty of work to do

Photo source: Twitter  

Photo source: Twitter  

In the three decades since working those fields, Landry has used that work ethic to help himself achieve a lifetime of goals. Landry graduated from college, worked as a sheriff’s deputy, served in the Louisiana Army National Guard, received his law degree and passed the bar, opened his own business, served in the United State Congress and was elected as Louisiana’s Attorney General.

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Photo source: Facebook

Photo source: Facebook

Over the weekend, WBRZ Television station in Baton Rouge broke the story that convicted felon, and former mayor of New Roads Robert Myer, voted in the recent federal elections.

If this doesn’t sound right, it’s because it is not!

It is illegal for convicted felons to vote...even if the Governor's political appointees try and allow it. As reported by WBRZ, under the leadership of Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin, prior to every election, he receives a list from the Department of Corrections of criminals who are not eligible to vote. Robert Myer’s name was not on that list. Governor Edwards political appointee Malcolm Myer, Assistant Secretary at the Department of Corrections, and the brother of Robert Myer, did not send the felon’s name to Secretary Ardoin. 

Thankfully Attorney General Landry continues to fight the empty out our jails policy coming from this Administration. Felons voting is just the latest disrespect being shown victims of crime. Our election process is sacred, thank you Attorney General Landry and Secretary of State Ardoin for fighting for accountability.  

Link to WBRZ story here

LANDRY: Allowing Louisianans To Make Their Own Healthcare Choices

Opinion by Jeff Landry, Attorney General of Louisiana

Source: Parish News Acadiana

Source: Parish News Acadiana

Recently, I participated in a national TV interview on CNN regarding an important lawsuit. I joined this lawsuit with 17 other Attorneys General and two Governors on the legality of the Affordable Care Act. It is an important topic.

Unfortunately, while our lawsuit is focused solely on the rule of law, the television producers used my time on air in a farcical attempt just to attack the strategy and get a soundbite. Though I anticipated some sky-is-falling hysteria that has become a staple of extremists when discussing the ACA, I felt strongly someone needed to get the truth to CNN’s flailing audience.

That truth is the Republican state officials who signed onto this suit are resolved in our efforts to fight unconstitutional policies, and we understand that the remains of the unconstitutional ACA need to be dismantled before their inevitable collapse does any further damage to families and businesses.

Rising costs, undesirable plans, and declining choices have been the status quo since the 2,300-page ACA was forced onto the American people. While a fortunate few in Louisiana may finally see, for the first time since 2011, less painful premium hikes – we know something different must be done to reduce the crippling financial burdens and to ensure our people can once again have the freedom to choose their own doctors.

But make no mistake about it: those involved in the lawsuit are not attacking sound law based on its policy failures. Policy decisions are for the Legislative Branch, which is something the Governor and his allies had to learn the hard way when I became Attorney General.

The ACA is unconstitutional. When the Supreme Court ruled on NFIB v. Sebelius – they found the individual mandate unlawful on its own, but legally permissible if attached to the federal government’s taxing authority. And since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 has been signed into law, the tax penalty has been removed and the mandate now stands alone.

The hoops that the Supreme Court jumped through to uphold the individual mandate telegraphed the true extent of the ACA’s constitutional problems. Now that those hoops have been removed, the rule of law must prevail and the ACA must fall. This should be welcomed by all who cherish the Constitution and support our great republic.

If our lawsuit is successful and the ACA is removed from the books, states will be allowed to implement their own healthcare plans for their own citizens. Maine may be able to employ its previously preempted framework; Nebraska may realize the full potential of its direct primary care option for state workers; and most importantly, Louisiana – through our Legislature – would be free to enact rules and restrictions without fear of conflict pre-emption. In essence, Louisiana could use a system that works for Louisiana.

While I, like the overwhelming majority of my fellow Republicans, believe those with pre-existing conditions should be protected; I know that decision is up to our Legislature. If our lawsuit is successful, our own Legislature will craft future regulations and policies. Our own Louisiana House and Senate can work on better solutions to our healthcare problems, right here in our State. I stand ready to assist them.

As I have done since filing the lawsuit in February, I will continue discussions with our legislators. And as I have always done, I will keep fighting against government overreach and keep doing all that I legally can to make Louisiana an even better place to live, work, and raise our families.

Jeff Landry is the Attorney General of Louisiana. Originally from St. Martinsville, General Landry holds a Law Degree from Loyola University, he is a veteran of Desert Storm, and a former member of the United States House of Representatives.

Source: Allowing Louisianans To Make Their Own Healthcare Choices

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Citizens for Louisiana Job Creators: AG Jeff Landry: Red River Waterway Appointment Unlawful

Photo source:

Photo source:

This week, Attorney General Jeff Landry exposed Governor Edwards' backroom deal when he appointed his friend, Michael DeVille, to the Red River Waterway Commission.

Based on the opinion released Wednesday by the Louisiana Department of Justice, which was requested by the Caddo Levee District and state Senators Greg Tarver and Barrow Peacock, the pertaining law states that the governor shall appoint from a list of nominees. Carolyn Prator, wife of Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator, was unanimously nominated by the entities responsible for providing the Governor with names to select from for the appointment. Michael DeVille was not a nominee.

Governor Edwards refusal to follow the law is the latest move by the governor to punish his adversaries as it has been widely reported that Governor Edwards refusal to appoint Mrs. Prator is due to the fact that she is the wife of Sheriff Prator who has publicly criticized the Governor's "criminal justice reform" bills that let criminals out of jail every month. 

It has become apparent in the 33 months since John Bel Edwards took office, that the checks and balances the Landry Justice Department provides is needed. 

Thank you General Landry for holding the Edwards Administration accountable.
ICYMI AG Landry TV Clip here:

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LANDRY: Response to Times Picayune

Photo source: Facebook 

Photo source: Facebook 

The following is a response to a piece put out in New Orleans’ fish wrap from Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry.

As the grandson of a newspaper publisher, I can appreciate headlines as much as anyone; the better they are, the more readers and sales.

However, Friday’s completely false title “AG Jeff Landry says he has no authority to investigate Catholic church sex abuse" was nothing more than an over-the-top, sensationalized, false headline intended to mislead the public and attack me and my office.

Worse, the headline and entire tone of the story smacked of blatant, religious bigotry.

To insinuate that I, or anyone in my office, would ignore an attack against children from any source, including a church, is absolutely false.

To insinuate that because I am a Catholic that I would not protect the children of this State from a child predator is outrageous!

As a father and a Catholic, I am deeply offended. This article by the Times Picayune is pure unadulterated religious bigotry which we have not seen in this State since the hey-day of the Ku Klux Klan.

To be absolutely clear and accurate: to date, since I have been Attorney General, my office has not received one single complaint against any clergyman of the Catholic Church in the State of Louisiana or any referrals from a local District Attorney which is required under law for my office to initiate a prosecution.

As someone who has successfully won court case after court case on the separation of powers, I have no inclination of overstepping my constitutional authority or doing the Legislature’s job.

As a practicing Catholic, I wholeheartedly support efforts to root out pedophile priests and end the horrific misconduct by Church authorities. Those who sexually abused children and those who covered up their despicable acts should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

If any accusations are brought to my attention of this happening in Louisiana, my office and I will work with state, local and other officials to help find it, root it out, and working with local District Attorneys bring predators to justice.

Again, my office has yet to receive any Constitutional referrals on such matters from local District Attorneys.

My commitment to the rule of law and my desire to get justice are why I encourage anyone in our State’s seven dioceses to bring forward any charges that can be prosecuted.

I further encourage the Governor to dedicate State Troopers and State Police resources to assist in any investigation.

Again, there have been no criminal complaints made to the Louisiana Department of Justice. And smearing the Church and its clergy without specific complaints of criminal acts is irresponsible.

Claiming that I, or any other head of a law enforcement agency, will cover up criminal conduct because of our religious beliefs is bigotry, plan and simple.

The Times Picayune newspaper should be ashamed and should apologize to all Catholics within Louisiana and all believers of any Church who would see insinuations made against a church with no accusations of misconduct.

The readers of the Times Picayune and all other newspapers deserve reliable and trustworthy reporting, especially on matters as important and serious as child sex abuse. Friday’s clickbait failed on all accounts.

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