LANDRY: Chicago Is Holding American Law Enforcement Hostage

 Photo source: The Daily Caller

Photo source: The Daily Caller

The Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, famously said: “In order to be considered truly free, countries must also have a deep love of liberty and an abiding respect for the rule of law.” Fortunately for the people of our nation, President Donald Trump has heeded these words of wisdom.

Unlike his predecessor, whose blatant disregard for the rule of law on immigration exacerbated the proliferation of sanctuary cities, President Trump and his administration have honored their oaths to enforce our immigration laws and protect our borders.

In keeping with this promise, Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave notice to law enforcement agencies receiving certain grant dollars that they must comply with federal law and with two conditions aimed at increasing the government’s ability to locate and deport criminal aliens preying on American citizens.

These conditions are in accord with established federal jurisprudence that “the Tenth Amendment does not give States and their subdivisions an untrammeled right to forbid all voluntary cooperation by state or local officials with particular federal programs,” especially in the information sharing context.

Requiring agencies to notify the Department of Homeland Security of the scheduled release dates of criminal aliens wanted by DHS and to allow federal immigration officers on their premises in order to inquire about an individual’s right to remain are common-sense public safety measures.

In July 2016, the Department of Justice Inspector General released a memorandum noting that many jurisdictions receiving federal grant dollars were in violation of the law by withholding immigration information from federal officials. Shortly thereafter, the Department of Justice mandated a particular condition that jurisdictions offer proof that they were in compliance with federal law regarding information sharing.

Attorney General Sessions simply sustained that policy by including narrowly-tailored conditions to ensure these grant dollars are not given to state and local jurisdictions which frustrate federal immigration enforcement. However, in order to score political points, some of our nation’s largest cities decided to obstruct. And the City of Chicago took their prioritization of protecting illegal immigrants over stopping crime to the courtroom.

Chicago sued the Department of Justice, and the liberal district court and Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals decided that Attorney General Sessions lacked the authority to impose these two conditions. While their disrespect for the Constitution was egregious enough, their further abuse of the judicial process is causing even more widespread harm.

The nationwide injunction issued by federal courts means that hundreds of millions of grant dollars are being withheld from law enforcement agencies which comply willingly with immigration laws. Because of its nationwide scope, the injunction purports to settle the law for the entire United States. This aggrandizement of power deprives other courts the opportunity to decide the issue for themselves and thereby frustrates the development of law.

The nationwide injunction has essentially blocked the Department of Justice from issuing any funding from the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (Byrne JAG) Program. This critical program finances several law enforcement measures such as victim assistance, crisis intervention, body cameras, Tasers and officer overtime pay. The withholding of its funds restrict activities or, in some cases, cause operations to cease entirely.

A recent Harvard-Harris Poll found that Americans strongly support the Trump administration’s actions to reverse the policies of sanctuary jurisdictions. The survey found 80 percent of voters agreed that state and local authorities should cooperate with and report illegal immigrants to federal authorities.

So I join not only the overwhelming majority of American voters, but also the over 3,000 sheriff offices across our country in support of the USDOJ’s position to uphold the rule of law.

Whatever the result of the Chicago action, the court’s relief should not be allowed to affect thousands of others nationwide. Chicago should not hold hostage law enforcement who agree with the conditions and uphold the rule of law.

Jeff Landry is the attorney general of the state of Louisiana. He previously served as a member of Louisiana’s delegation to U.S. House of Representatives.

Source:  Chicago Is Holding American Law Enforcement Hostage

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LAGOP Rebuttal to Gov. John Bel Edwards Address


 “Our Louisiana residents do not want higher income taxes or higher sales taxes. They want good, honest government, a government that can live within its means. The Governor has taken every opportunity to raise taxes, and continues to use scare tactics to bend the legislature to his will.”

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"Honor Code" is Taking His Crap on the Road

 Photo source: KATC

Photo source: KATC

This is not leadership.  This is pandering to the lowest denominator.  First, it was college football.  That didn't work.  Next it was sending out letters to elderly in the nursing facilities threatening eviction.  That didn't work.  Let's go after the college kids now.

Honor Code my ass.

Cut spending and live within your mean like everyone else in this state has to do in times of crisis.

2109 can't come soon enough to get rid of this turd.

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Citizens for Louisiana Job Creators: AG Landry Fights Opioid Crisis

 Photo source: The Advertiser

Photo source: The Advertiser

Last week, Attorney General Jeff Landry took the fight against the Opioid crisis to the front lines. Thanks to recent legislation authored by Sen. Fred Mills and a partnership between the Attorney Generals office and British pharmaceutical company Mallinckrodt, hospice providers will have the authority and the tool necessary to dispose of deceased patients opioids. 
Mallinckrodt has donated 30,000 bags that, once an opioid is placed into the environmentally safe, drug-deactivating pouches, it becomes house-hold waste. This technology, and the authority for hospice professionals to utilize it is a huge step in combating the Opioid epidemic that plagues Louisiana. 60% of all Opioid addictions begin by using someone else's prescription. 
Louisiana currently has more Opioid prescriptions than it does residents.Thanks to the leadership of AG Jeff Landry, Louisiana is making incredible strides to change the Opioid epidemics narrative.

For more information on this important initiative, check out this story from KATC.

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Julie Stokes Announces Candidacy for Secretary of State


Through an email announcement and YouTube video, Louisiana State Representative Julie Stokes has announced her candidacy for the open Secretary of State position in Baton Rouge:

“With the blessings and encouragement of family, friends, constituents, and doctors, I am announcing my candidacy to become our next Secretary of State.  I have tremendous respect for the proud history of this office, its role in protecting the integrity of our election system, and the service it provides to entrepreneurs.  I will strive to improve upon what I can, remove the obstacles that drag the office back, restore morale across the entire department, and ensure that our elections are fair, honest, secure, and carried out with professionalism.  Being a CPA, small business owner, and reform-minded legislator,  I am prepared for this challenge and expect to take this office to new heights for the citizens of Louisiana.” - State Representative Julie Stokes (R-Louisiana)

More Consequences of Honor Code’s Lawsuits

 Photo source: Twitter

Photo source: Twitter

As we’ve reported on quite a bit, Gov. Honor Code and his trial attorney band of brothers have had a vendetta against the oil and gas industry in this state, being bound and determined to milk this vital life blood in this state to the last drop.  

Now, the latest to turn away from the Pelican State because of our legal atmosphere is the Bassmaster fishing tournament, which contributes millions in revenue.  

 “For the foreseeable future, we can’t have a level playing field there because of the access problems,” said BASS Conservation Director Gene Gilliland. “Louisiana just has some very peculiar laws that don’t mesh well with tournaments and that are going to deter a lot of recreational fishermen as well. Who knows how much they’ll lose?”

But, if you listen to the mainstream media here in Louisiana, what we have is a moderate Democrat leading this state.  

Don’t blame me though. I voted for Vitter. 

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Boy, The Big Easy Sure Knows How to Pick a Mayor

 Photo source:

Photo source:

The latest piece out regarding the soon to be sworn in mayor of New Orleans is a scathing one regarding the confidentiality of LaToya Cantrell’s transition into the office.  

As is often the case when elected officials slip behind a curtain of secrecy, Cantrell sought to spin the confidentiality agreements as a way to actually encourage openness.

"It's not to hide anything; it's to give people the opportunity to talk freely and openly," Karen Carvin, a spokeswoman for the Cantrell campaign, said at the time. "The whole idea is to allow people the freedom to be brutally honest about their assessment of various departments and each area they're looking at. They are going to be having people interview people who have contracts with the city, and they want them to feel free to be open and transparent about their view of where things stand."

Going from a clown show of a mayor like Mitch Landrieu to this train wreck should be entertaining to say the least. The city deserves so much better, yet elect the worse.  

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JBE and His Trial Lawyer Buddies At Work

 Photo source: Twitter

Photo source: Twitter

Don’t blame me. I voted for Vitter. 

Here is the latest in John Bel Edwards’ and his cronies scheme to milk the oil and gas industry for billions.  

But shakedowns aren't usually grounded in compelling evidence, and Louisiana appears to view liberal New York City and San Francisco as models to follow. A network of trial lawyers recently filed 42 lawsuits for six parishes alleging oil and gas companies are responsible for the state's coastal erosion and seeking damages.

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Louisiana AG Suggests Gov. Edwards Betraying Commitment to Second Amendment

 Photo source: Breitbart

Photo source: Breitbart

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry suggests Governor John Bel Edwards (D) is betraying previous commitments to the Second Amendment.

Landry supported a resolution to block Bank of America and Citibank from doing business with the state of Louisiana after both financial institutions adopted anti-gun policies.

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