Democrats Look To Import Drugs From Mexico

Photo source: Western Journalism  

Photo source: Western Journalism  

 "As Opioid addiction in America is skyrocketing, leave it to the Democrats to come up with a scheme to make it easier to bring unregulated prescription drugs into our country. It is the Democrats who have caused the prices of American-made drugs to go through the proverbial roof."

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"Tolerant" Liberals Disrupt Prayer During Cassidy Town Hall Meeting

Photo source : InfoWars

Photo source : InfoWars

In a town hall meeting earlier this week, hosted by Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, a prayer from the Chaplain of the Louisiana Legislature was disrupted by agitators, who were there purely to wreak havoc on a gathering of concerned citizens. The below video shows them screaming "separation of church and state" and "pray on your own time". 

Tell me again about that tolerance the left spouts. Guess Michelle Obama's "when they go low, we go high" doesn't apply here.  

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Are Protests at Congressional District Meetings Being Organized?


A recording that was submitted to the Moon Griffon show seems to show organized protests are taking place at district meetings that are being conducted this week while Congress is on break. This recording was in anticipation of an upcoming meeting Sen. Bill Cassidy has planned for this week in Breaux Bridge.

Courtesy: KPEL 96.5

Photo source: YouTube  

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LAGOP Issues Statement on the Resignation of Sen. Troy Brown

Photo source: The Advocate  

Photo source: The Advocate  

Today, Senator Troy Brown resigned from the Louisiana Senate, avoiding expulsion from the body. His resignation is something that leaders of the Republican Party of Louisiana have called for since his first arrest for domestic violence over a year ago.

In bipartisan fashion, the Louisiana Senate was prepared to expel Mr. Brown. Seeing the writing on the wall, he chose to resign.

While announcing his resignation, Mr. Brown stated that he was doing so “with the sincerest hopes of sparing its precious body [the Louisiana Senate] any further embarrassment.” His refusal to resign when called upon by members of both parties caused a great deal of embarrassment to his district and became a stain on the dignity of the body to which he was elected.

“We welcome the resignation of Troy Brown from the Louisiana Senate," said LAGOP Executive Director Jason Doré. “His resignation should have come sooner, but we’re glad that he finally saw that his actions were not to be tolerated by the Louisiana Legislature. We hope that he comes to recognize that his acts of violence are unbefitting the conduct expected of a senator and that his behavior was not in standing with Louisiana values.”

Doré went on to say that, "Domestic Violence is a serious issue, and while Mr. Brown’s assault charges may have been classified as a misdemeanor, the actions of Mr. Brown are categorically opposite the gentlemanly behavior we as a society expect from those who represent our state.”

We look forward to seeing the seat vacated by Mr. Brown occupied by an individual who will take the responsibilities of the office seriously, live up to the moral expectations of Louisianians, and, regardless of party affiliation, be an individual who places the interests of his or her constituents over their own personal desires.


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AG Landry Announces Arrest of 89 Criminals


On Monday, 5 people were arrested on over 300 accounts of exploitation of children. This was a result from a cyber-crime sweep intended to take child predators off the street.

On Tuesday, AG Landry announced the successful crime-fighting initiative, Operation Resolution, that resulted in the arrest of 84 people in Tangipahoa Parish. The arrests ranged from armed robbery to drug possession with intent to distribute.

The operation was carried out by the Louisiana Bureau of Investigation, the Hammond Police Department, the Ponchatoula Police Department, Probation and Parole, Homeland Security Investigations, and Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.

In a statement from his office, AG Landry said, “Operation Resolution’s success is a great example of what can be done when law enforcement agencies, from every level, work in collaboration…Together, we will combat crime and make our State a safer place.”

Louisiana Citizens for Job Creators, Inc.

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LANDRY: Lawyer Ads Should Be Regulated


It is impossible to avoid them. Everywhere we look, we are bombarded by aggressive legal advertising. From car wrecks to class actions, solicitations from personal injury law firms dominate our local TV airwaves — not to mention what fills the radio and is plastered on billboards and bus exteriors.

For the small number of folks in Louisiana who may not have noticed, these ads often feature loud-talking lawyers and paid testimonials from their clients about how much money they made off of their lawsuits. In a typical ad that makes our state courts sound more like a lawsuit lottery than a legitimate legal system, one plaintiff boasts, “I called for free and he got me $358,000.” Is it any wonder why Louisiana drivers pay some of the highest auto insurance rates in the country?

But lawyer ads are not just annoying and expensive. Sometimes they can be dangerous.

Even more troubling than traditional “crash cash” commercials is a new trend in legal advertising that could actually be hurting people. Some personal injury lawyers are now using unregulated legal advertisements to make unsubstantiated and unbalanced claims about life-saving pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices for the sole purpose of scaring potential plaintiffs into mass tort litigation.

In fact, if you have watched daytime television lately, you’ve probably seen one of these ads. In these dramatic commercials, personal injury lawyers offer dire warnings about extremely rare and ominous-sounding side effects that may be associated with a wide range of medical treatments. It seems, no drug or medical device is safe from these scare tactics, with a slew of sensational legal ads targeting everything from life-saving defibrillators to cancer-killing chemotherapies to breakthrough medicines for treating diabetes.

The sheer volume of these commercials is shocking. In 2015, lawyers spent almost $900 million on television ads across the country, and market research analysts estimate trial lawyers’ TV advertising grew six times faster than all other advertising over the six-year period ending in 2016.

These seemingly health-related commercials generally do not offer sound medical advice, and most often they do not feature licensed medical professionals. Yet the melodramatic and “official” tone of these legal advertisements serves to invoke fear and emotional paralysis in some patients. Whether intentional or not, the content and proliferation of these ads can even discourage some patients from taking their medications correctly or following a doctor’s recommendations. These are unfortunate and potentially dangerous side effects indeed.

In an effort to better protect the public’s health, the American Medical Association adopted a policy at its annual meeting last year to advocate for a new requirement for attorney commercials to include “appropriate” and “conspicuous” warnings so they do not cause patients to stop using necessary medications.

This is a step in the right direction, but many cannot afford to wait for movement at the federal level. The Louisiana Legislature should consider steps to hold personal injury lawyers accountable now. As is the case with all other advertisers, the lawsuit industry should be required to ensure that the content of their advertising is truthful, accurate and responsible.

Melissa Landry is executive director of the non-partisan, grassroots legal watchdog group Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch. For more information about LLAW’s efforts to restore common sense and fairness to Louisiana’s civil justice system, visit

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AG Jeff Landry Supports Travel Ban

Photo source: WWL  

Photo source: WWL  

Per a WWL piece, AG Jeff Landry has stated his support for Presidnet Trump's recent travel ban for refugees from seven real Middle Eastern countries.  

 "If the president would like to enlist our help we stand ready and able," Landry, a Republican, said in an interview with USA Today Network of Louisiana.

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Jeff Landry Releases Video Highlighting His First Year

Source: YouTube  

Source: YouTube  

On his Facebook page, Attorney General Jeff Landry of Louisiana releases a video highlighting the accomplishments of his office in his first year. The release stated the following: 

 "It has been an honor to serve as your Attorney General this past year. Together, we will continue to make Louisiana an even better place to live, work, and raise our families!"

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Governor Edwards' Inaction Continues to Stall Money for Flood Victims

Photo source: Governor's Office  

Photo source: Governor's Office  

January 2, 2017

Contact: Jason Doré

Four and a half months after catastrophic flooding throughout Louisiana, much needed money for communities and families is being held up because Governor John Bel Edwards has yet to submit a plan to spend it.

Despite Edwards’ penchant for spending taxpayers' money--his dalliance with relief money is beginning to channel his democrat predecessor, Kathleen Blanco. Edwards has yet to submit a plan to spend $1 billion of federal flood relief money secured for the state by Louisiana's congressional delegation.

"The federal government will not release any money until the state submits a plan detailing how the funds will be appropriated," LAGOP Executive Director Jason Dorè said. "Governor Edwards has spent the last few months singularly focused on the Senate race, in which his chosen candidate was soundly defeated. But that race is over, and the reality is that Governor Edwards has waited too long to do his job and help to relieve the suffering in our flooded communities.”

Beginning in September, Louisiana’s Republican Congressional Delegation urged Governor Edwards to put together a plan immediately on how he’d spend the appropriated federal dollars.

"I just want to urge that it's going to probably be much easier for our negotiations -- or better for our negotiations holistically -- if we've got a plan submitted very clear on how these dollars are going to be spent,” Congressman Garret Graves said following the September appropriation.

"People are tired of waiting for assistance. Governor Edwards was asked four months ago to come up with a plan and has failed to do so," Dorè said. "Our congressional leaders have acted and secured the beginnings of our road to recovery--Governor Edwards needs to do his job or step out of the way and let someone else do it for him."


Louisiana officials should be very familiar with guidelines for securing federal disaster relief assistance after our experiences recovering from major hurricanes and the BP Oil Spill. Yet, as we ring in a new year, families and communities are left hanging in the wind by the inaction of one man: Governor John Bel Edwards.

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LAGOP: John Bel's No Good, Very Bad Week


This week hasn’t been kind to Louisiana’s last liberal standing.


Saturday night capped off a fall election season in which every multi-parish candidate endorsed by Governor John Bel Edwards suffered at least a 20 point defeat at the hands of a Republican. This has left the Governor and his Party asking themselves what they possibly could have done to get a single win on their record. At this point, Gov. Edwards and the Louisiana Democratic Party are looking a lot like the Cleveland Browns.


Coming out of the weekend, the Governor was most likely looking forward to a week where he could get back to talking about raising taxes and how Louisianans aren’t paying their fair share. However, Judge Todd Hernandez of the 19th JDC had other plans. Hernandez handed down a decision delivering a crushing blow to Gov. Edwards’ plan to circumvent the Legislature. The 19th JDC decision affirmed the independence of the Attorney General’s office and it ruled that the Governor cannot act outside the scope of his authority by creating law with the stroke of his pen. This ruling will no doubt make the Governor think twice before overstepping his office for the remainder of his term.


To top off a rough Wednesday, Secretary of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Charlie Melancon issued his resignation. Gov. Edwards stated that he and Melancon agreed that the agency needed to move in a different direction. This marks the first cabinet secretary to leave Gov. Edwards’ administration, with Melancon lasting just 11 moths in the position. After having two months of transition to initially fill this position, Gov. Edwards scratched the back of a failed political buddy in need of work, and the people of Louisiana suffered. Secretary Melancon leaves as a very unpopular leader of the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, with anglers and fishery advocates furious with many of the department’s decisions when it comes to fishing regulations and ending popular programs such as the fish tagging program. Gov. Edwards is now without someone he described as a “tremendous public servant.” We hope that the Governor has learned his lesson about rewarding the good ole boys, and will move to appoint a Secretary who will help Louisiana remain the Sportsman’s Paradise.


Moving to Thursday morning, Governor John Bel Edwards’ controversial push to hire his top campaign supporters to represent the state in lawsuits potentially worth billions of dollars earned Louisiana a spot on the American Tort Reform Foundation's (ATRF) annual “Judicial Hellholes” list. According to the 2016-2017 report released today, the Pelican State is the nation’s seventh-worst Judicial Hellhole. Featured most prominently in the report, is Gov. Edwards’ ongoing effort to hire his top political supporters in government-sponsored litigation to shakedown the oil and gas industry for billions of dollars to restore the state’s eroding coast. Just another example of how the Governor repaying his friends and donors has caused damage to Louisiana’s business climate.


Just when you thought it couldn’t get much worse, the FBI decided to pay a visit to Gov. Edwards’ brother, Sheriff Daniel Edwards of Tangipahoa Parish, raiding the Sheriff’s office. The Tangipahoa Sherriff’s office was raided in regards to warrants related to a nearly one year-old inquiry into a DEA task force accused of stealing cash from drug dealers, selling confiscated narcotics and tampering with witnesses. The Governor’s brother has been the Sheriff of Tangipahoa Parish for more than 12 years.


This week certainly could not end soon enough for Governor Edwards. Ironically, Republicans are also anxious to kick off next week, albeit for different reasons. On Monday, Louisiana’s 8 Republican Electors will meet at the State Capitol to cast their Electoral College votes for President-elect Donald J. Trump. Another reminder to Louisiana’s last liberal standing that Louisiana is a ruby red state, and his days in the Governor’s Mansion are numbered.

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