LAGOP: UPDATE: Governor John Bel Edwards Continues His War Against Women

Photo source: Twitter

Photo source: Twitter

Baton Rouge, LA – For the third consecutive week, Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards is under fire over his demeaning treatment of women.

On Thursday, Governor Edwards’ campaign posted a graphic with the quote “I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you” on the campaign Instagram account. The post celebrates an exchange between Governor Edwards and Senator Sharon Hewitt that members of the media were surprised to see the Edwards’ campaign choose to highlight.

During a 2018 Joint Budget Committee hearing, Senator Hewitt – an LSU-trained engineer and pioneering woman executive in the oil and gas industry – questioned the governor on his supposed budget “cuts” that just didn’t add up. When he couldn’t explain his voodoo math, Governor Edwards resorted to “mansplaining,” prompting outrage from numerous observers.

This latest attack on a woman who dares to pose a challenge is part of a pattern of behavior from John Bel Edwards. This time last week, he was engaged in a despicable victim-shaming campaign targeting Juanita Washington, a former governor’s office employee who has alleged she was sexually harassed and assaulted by Edwards’ disgraced former deputy chief of staff, Johnny Anderson.

In a series of attempts to discredit Ms. Washington, Edwards and his henchmen leaked text messages between her and her abuser to the media, andattempted to get television ads telling her story removed from the airwaves.

Governor Edwards has consistently failed to deliver for Louisiana women, despite numerous empty campaign promises. Under his administration, Louisiana is last in gender pay disparity, last in states for women, last in states for working moms, and a 2017analysis found that his office pays women an average of $12,000 less than men.

Louisiana women demand better than John Bel Edwards.

Posted on October 18, 2019 .

Pelosi’s drug pricing plan puts medical innovation at risk

Photo source: Stat News

Photo source: Stat News

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi recently unveiled her drug pricing proposal (HR 3, also known as the Lower Drug Costs Now Act of 2019), which is being debated in key congressional committees this week. It is unprecedented in size and scope, dramatically expanding the role of the federal government in health care decision-making. It also opens the door for bureaucrats in the United States and in foreign countries to determine the type of research companies should pursue and how and when patients can access new treatments and cures.

The speaker claims that her plan to lower drug costs allows the government to “negotiate” prices for 250 medicines, but that is not how it would work. The legislation creates a “ceiling price” based on the average price a medicine is sold in six foreign countries with government-run health care systems — countries that limit patient access to innovative treatments. The legislation also sets a “target price,” which equals the lowest price of the medicine in any of the six countries.

Biopharmaceutical companies can accept the target price or attempt to convince the government they should be paid closer to the ceiling price. But unlike a negotiation in which both parties have leverage, if a company does not accept the price the government is willing to pay for a medicine, it is forced to pay a tax of up to 95% of sales of the medicine. That is not negotiation.

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Breaking: LOGA’s PAC Louisiana Oil & Gas Political Action Committee Endorses Eddie Rispone!

Eddie Rispone is a proven job creator, a strong fiscal conservative, and a valiant supporter of Louisiana’s oil and gas industry.

The future of Louisiana’s oil and gas industry depends on a stable foundation of wise tax stewardship, the ability to employ and keep a skilled workforce, and a pro-energy environment at Louisiana’s capitol.

That is why LOGA’s political action committee is proud to endorse Eddie Rispone for Governor!

On November 16th, vote EDDIE!

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Pelosi’s Expensive Drug Bill

Many distortions in drug prices are due to mandatory Medicaid rebates that include an inflation adjustment and require that states receive the “best” price of any private plan. Drug makers have been reluctant to let private insurers make installment payments on CAR T-cell cancer therapies based on their efficacy because they could be forced to provide steep discounts to Medicaid that are lower than the treatment costs.

Drug makers get a bad rap because they sometimes raise prices for no apparent reason, and consumers are facing sticker shock because of rising deductibles and co-payments. But net prices after rebates paid to insurers and the government have been falling amid faster generic-drug approvals and more competition from branded drugs.

Price controls would hamper competition by slowing new drug development. The U.S. accounts for most of the world’s pharmaceutical research and development, so there would be fewer breakthrough therapies for rare pediatric genetic disorders, cancers or hearing loss.

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Governor "Honor Code", John Bel Edwards, Victim Shames Juanita Washington

The below video highlights the hypocrisy of the current tenant of the Governor’s Office in Louisiana when it comes to respect for women.

From the Louisiana Republican Party: “For years, Juanita Washington was sexually harassed while she worked for John Bel Edwards. When she reported her abuser, she lost her job and her family lost their health insurance.”

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Just In Time for Saturday's Election, "Honor Code" is Being Sued

Photo source: Politico

Photo source: Politico

Speaking Tuesday outside a Baton Rouge district courthouse, Washington blasted Edwards’ decision to hire Anderson — who faced similar harassment claims while serving on the Southern University Board of Supervisors roughly a decade ago.

“My story is one that needs to be told completely and honestly,” Washington said. “Release the evidence, and just say ‘I’m sorry.'”

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Pelosi’s Price-Control Prescription Would Cost American Lives

Under Pelosi’s “Lower Drug Costs Now Act,” the federal government would identify the 250 most expensive drugs every year and “negotiate” prices for at least the top 25. The negotiations, however, would be rigged. The bill forces a pharmaceutical company to accept a price for its drug that is no more than 1.2 times the average price of that drug in the countries of Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom. If a company refuses to enter into negotiations for its drug, the federal government will impose a punitive excise tax of 65 percent on the gross sales of the drug. That tax will increase by 10 percent every quarter until it reaches a maximum of 95 percent.

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Vice President Mike Pence Unites Louisiana Republicans During Early Voting Event


Kenner, LA – Today the Republican Party of Louisiana hosted a voter turnout event in Jefferson Parish headlined by Vice President Mike Pence. This special event boosted voter engagement on the last day of early voting and amplified the momentum established by Republican early voters across Louisiana.

“We are honored Vice President Pence is in the Bayou State to remind Louisiana voters just how important this election is to President Trump and his Administration,” said LAGOP Executive Director Andrew Bautsch. “John Bel Edwards talks like a moderate but governs like a liberal, forcing the largest tax hike in state history. It is time to fire John Bel Edwards and elect a Republican governor.”

The Vice President was joined by Republican gubernatorial candidates Congressman Ralph Abraham and Businessman Eddie Rispone, additional Republican leaders, supporters, and hundreds of voters from across the state.

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Louisiana Oil and Gas Political Action Committee (LOGPAC) Endorses Beau Beaullieu


September 30, 2019

For Immediate Release:

The Louisiana Oil and Gas Political Action Committee (LOGPAC) has endorsed Beau Beaullieu for Louisiana House of Representatives, District 48 race!  After an in-depth review of his candidacy, campaign and policy position, Beaullieu was selected by LOGPAC to receive this distinction. 

According to the endorsement letter, ‘The oil and gas industry is the lifeblood of Louisiana, and LOGPAC seeks to support candidates that celebrate Louisiana’s oil & gas sector.  LOCPAC exists to fight the constant threats to our industry posed by litigation, over regulation, and excessive taxation. To protect against such threats, the oil and gas industry needs a large, efficient, and unified representation to make their voices heard.’  Beaullieu will play a vital role in protecting the small and independent oil and gas producers in Louisiana.

Beaullieu, who has emerged as the pro-business candidate in this race continues to be a voice of reason for job growth in Acadiana.  ‘For too many years we have seen businesses leave Louisiana for neighboring states and other opportunities.  It’s time to stop the outmigration of our industry and bring jobs back to Louisiana!  We need to create a Louisiana where our oil & gas businesses can do more than just survive, we need a Louisiana where they can thrive!’

LA House District 48, is located in a large portion of Iberia Parish and parts of Lafayette and St Martin Parish.  The seat is currently held by Speaker of the House Taylor Barras who is term limited.  For more information on the Beaullieu campaign, you can email them at

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WATCH: LAGOP Releases New Digital Ad: “No More Silence”


Baton Rouge, LA – Last summer, after John Bel Edwards hired a known sexual predator as his deputy chief of staff, the State of Louisiana was forced to spend over $100,000 of taxpayer money to settle a sexual harassment suit when Johnny Anderson found his latest victim.

Disturbingly, John Bel Edwards, his deputy chief of staff, and their attorneys demanded the silence of the victim as a term of their settlement. The video, titled "No More Silence" will remind Louisiana voters of the uncomfortable facts surrounding sexual predator Johnny Anderson and his enabler John Bel Edwards.

“At the last debate John Bel Edwards confirmed he never even reached out to his employee that was victimized by Anderson, he even referred to his friend Johnny Anderson as a “good” public servant,” said LAGOP Executive Director Andrew Bautsch. “John Bel’s lack of remorse is bad enough but the fact that taxpayer money was used to demand silence from Anderson’s victim is appalling.”

TRANSCRIPT Reporter 1:
A former top aide to the Governor facing sexual harassment allegations… Reporter 2:
Up until yesterday, Johnny Anderson was the deputy chief of staff for Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards. He resigned when a political news website started digging into allegations of misconduct. Narrator:
According to a 2007 federal court ruling, six women filed official sexual harassment complaints against Johnny Anderson. Yet, John Bel Edwards brought Anderson to the State Capitol as his deputy chief of staff. John Bel Edwards promoted his friend Johnny Anderson, a KNOWN sexual predator to a position of power in the halls of the state capitol. And when Anderson struck again? John Bel Edwards used over $100,000 of taxpayer money to settle the sexual harassment lawsuit and silence the victim. No more silence.
No more harassment.
No more John Bel Edwards.

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Republican Party of Louisiana Releases Statements on Left-Wing Democrat Impeachment Conspiracy

Baton Rouge, LA - Today, Nancy Pelosi and other radical Democrats announced the next phase of their attempted coup against the duly elected President of the United States of America.

The LAGOP has released the following statements:

“After an embarrassing Mueller Report and several disastrous debates, democrat leaders have come to the realization they are going to lose to Donald Trump, again," said LAGOP Executive Director Andrew Bautsch. “Now they are going to team up with the media and try to take away your right to vote for him.”

“John Bel Edwards is too scared of President Trump to say anything publicly, but his actions speak louder than words,” commented LAGOP Chairman Louis Gurvich. “From acting as a superdelegate for Hillary Clinton, to refusing to outlaw sanctuary cities in Louisiana, to accusing the President of making racist comments, John Bel Edwards has been on the front lines of "The Resistance" from the beginning.”

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LOGPAC Endorses Congressman Ralph Abraham for Governor

Announces Other Statewide Endorsements for 2019 Primary Election

LAFAYETTE, LA (September 26th, 2019) - Today, the Louisiana Oil & Gas Association Political Action Committee (LOGPAC) endorsed Ralph Abraham in the race for governor and announced its support of other statewide candidates and elected officials seeking office this year.

“The Louisiana Oil and Gas Political Action Committee is pleased to endorse Congressman Ralph Abraham in the race for governor,” said Gifford Briggs, Executive Director of LOGPAC. “From lawsuits, to taxes and regulations, the energy industry is facing serious challenges that must be immediately addressed to bring jobs, investments and opportunities back to Louisiana. Far too many of our workers and families have been hurting for far too long. We believe Congressman Abraham understands these challenges and will provide the strong leadership that’s necessary to revitalize Louisiana’s energy industry.”

At an election rally in Lafayette today, LOGPAC also endorsed the following candidates/elected officials:

Lieutenant Governor: Billy Nungesser 

Secretary of State: Kyle Ardoin 

Attorney General: Jeff Landry 

Treasurer: John M. Schroder

Supreme Court: Judge Will Crain

“Louisiana oil and gas fuels our economy and our environment,” Briggs said. “Our industry supports over 260,000 jobs and contributes more than $2 billion in taxes, all while playing a leading role in providing much needed funds for restoration and hurricane protection projects to strengthen our coast. But we are facing serious challenges that are detrimental to current and future growth—and it is more important than ever that citizens across the state engage in the election process and demand policies that will bring our jobs and families back to Louisiana. We are proud to endorse these candidates who will fight for a robust oil and gas industry and a better Louisiana for generations to come.”

For a complete list of LOGPAC endorsements, including legislative and local candidates, please visit:


The Louisiana Oil and Gas Political Action Committee (LOGPAC) is the political arm of the Louisiana Oil & Gas Association. LOGPAC exists due to businesses facing constant threats posed by litigation, over regulation, and excessive taxation. To protect against such threats, the oil and gas industry needs a large, efficient and unified representation to make their voices heard. LOGPAC looks to support candidates and legislators that celebrate Louisiana’s oil and gas industry. 

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OPINION: Protect Access is Key to Health Care

Access to affordable and reliable medical services is key to any conversation surrounding health care in 2019. With a rise of rural hospital closures, the care Louisianans rely on is moving further away from them each year.

Knowing that, is it concerning that Congress is considering legislation that could actually further limit access to quality, lifesaving services. The Lower Health Care Costs Act being considered in Washington does more harm than good when it comes to our health care system. 

At first glance, the Lower Health Care Costs Act addresses a critical problem: surprise billing. When a patient uses a service like an air ambulance, there are situations where insurers do not cover the costs, sometimes leaving patients with an unexpected, hefty medical bill. I think we can all agree that is a practice that should cease. 

Unfortunately, in an attempt to address this issue, the current proposal makes the challenge of providing rural health care worse. By setting a rate of reimbursement, the legislationdiscourages fair in-network agreement between insurers and air ambulance companies. Left without the funds needed to cover their operating costs, air ambulances would like close.  A patientmight avoid a bill, but they will also lose access the emergency health care they rely on in the direst situations.

This is not a tradeoff we should have to make. Let’s find a solution that protects patients from surprise bills and protects their access to quality health care.

Quin Bates - Retired Chemical Plant Manager

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