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Republican Whip Steve Scalise: I’m with Jim!


Republican Leader Endorses Commissioner Jim Donelon

Today, Republican Whip Steve Scalise endorsed Louisiana Insurance Commissioner James J. “Jim” Donelon for reelection. Scalise cited their long-time working relationship, Donelon’s commitment to Republican values and support for the President Trump’s agenda in Louisiana:

“I’ve known Jim as a friend for more than 20 years. He’s always worked hard for Louisiana families, and has been focusing on bringing car insurance rates down. In fact his efforts are paying dividends for hard-working families – this year we’ve seen more than a 7 percent decrease in auto insurance rates in Louisiana, and there’s more Jim wants to do. Jim is an advocate for reform and steered the Department through the wake of the devastating impacts of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, as well as the BP Oil Spill and the Great Flood of 2016,” said Whip Scalise.

Commissioner Donelon has championed a long-term renewal of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and worked tirelessly with members of Louisiana’s Congressional delegation to bring more insurers to our state. Jim stood with other statewide elected officials to ensure the people of Louisiana will have access to affordable health insurance in the wake of Obamacare. Jim Donelon resides in Metairie, LA, with his wife of 52 years and has four daughters and eight grandchildren. He also served our country for thirty-three years in the Louisiana National Guard, retiring honorably with the rank of Colonel. Louisiana needs to keep Jim Donelon working for us.”

Commissioner Jim Donelon said, “Receiving an endorsement from my friend, Republican Whip Steve Scalise, is an honor. Steve is a leader in our party and a leader in our country. Not only do I admire Steve’s political experience, but his personal story as well. Having him recognize the work I’ve done with the Department of Insurance confirms that that work has been prudently. I look forward to continuing to work alongside Congressman Scalise, and the entire federal delegation for the people of Louisiana.”

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Scalise Working on Lowering Prescription Drug Prices

Photo source: Politico

Photo source: Politico

Rep. Steven Scalise is working on helping seniors save on prescription drug prices:

The proposal primarily affects the 644,000 Louisiana residents -- and 45 million people across the country -- enrolled in Medicare’s Part D drug benefit. Part D plans are federally subsidized but administered by private insurers who compete to sell their plans to the public.

These insurers work with middlemen known as pharmacy benefit managers to design plans and determine premiums, co-pays and co-insurance -- the percentage of a drug’s price that Medicare enrollees must pay out of pocket. PBMs decide which drugs to include in each Part D plan. They leverage their decision-making power to demand big discounts from pharmaceutical companies.

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HENRY: ​Thank You Whip Scalise and US Senator Cassidy For Helping Stop the Health Insurance Tax

Photo source: LA House of Representatives  

Photo source: LA House of Representatives  

As a taxpayer and safeguard of the state’s finances, I appreciate the work Whip Scalise and US Senator Cassidy are doing to Stop the health insurance tax (HIT).

This HIT tax can add nearly $500 per worker to the annual premium, an amount sufficient to have large-scale effects within any company, including slowdowns in hiring. From a broader perspective, I am disturbed by the effect of the HIT tax on my constituents and the local economy. The Louisiana small business community is unanimous in its opposition to the HIT tax because of the negative consequences for their companies. Working families often feel the brunt of the impacts, and we all appreciate the leadership Whip Scalise and US Senator Cassidy have shown in pushing back against these taxes.

The HIT Tax impacts everyone. HIT tax hurts low- and fixed-income residents who rely on Medicare Advantage, because their costs also increase with the tax. This group is probably the least able to absorb price hikes in the hundreds of dollars, and we should seriously consider the ethics of adding to their health care costs.

We should all be thankful that Whip Scalise and US Senator Cassidy are leading the charge to extend the current moratorium on the health insurance tax that is safeguarding businesses, working families, and seniors. Louisianans deserve similar protections in 2020 and beyond.

State Representative Cameron Henry

Chairman, House Appropriations Committee

SCALISE: Democrats Are Using Unpaid Workers as Pawns

Per Congressman Steve Scalise’s Facebook page:

Today House Democrats for the third time voted AGAINST paying federal workers as negotiations continue. I asked the House Democrat Majority Leader a simple question: how can Democrats claim to support workers when they refuse to pay them and instead use them as political pawns?

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SCALISE: Democrats Need To Stop Playing Games With America's Safety And Fund Border Security Now

Photo source: Twitter

Photo source: Twitter

From the day President Trump took office, Democrats have vowed to oppose him at every turn in an effort to appease their radical-left base, putting the politics of obstruction over the security of our country.

There’s been no better example of that than the current partial government shutdown.

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SCALISE: "It's Important to Secure the Border"

Photo source: Fox News

Photo source: Fox News

In a recent appearance on Fox News, Congressman Steve Scalise emphasized the importance of funding the border wall, a key component of President Trump’s election campaign.

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SCALISE: When Eric Holder, other Dems call for violence, that's a direct threat to our democracy

Photo source: Twitter

Photo source: Twitter

As a survivor of a politically motivated attack, it is tragic to think this is an acceptable state of political discourse in our country. I refuse to stand for this and I will continue to call for an end to it. A healthy, strong democracy is not possible if anyone lives in fear of expressing their views.

If this is going to stop, it must start with Democratic leaders, who need to condemn, rather than promote these dangerous calls to action.

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Hear Nebraska Democrat Official Thankful for Scalise Shooting

Photo source: YouTube  

Photo source: YouTube  

Just when you think the vitriol and hatred spewed by the left was over, you have someone like this guy that crawls out of his hole to bring it to a whole new level. 

To be fair, this clown has been fired from his position as Technology Chairman of the Nebraska Democrat Party. However, Phil Montag was caught on audio stating he was thankful for Steve Scalise's shooting last week because of his stance of healthcare.  

Keep it classy Dems. You're only helping the GOP get more members into elected office.  

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LANDRY: Thoughts and Prayers With Scalise

Photo source: Facebook

Photo source: Facebook

The following was issued from Attorney General Jeff Landry's office today regarding the assassination attempt on Rep. Steve Scalise this morning: 

 "My thoughts and prayers are with Majority Whip Congressman Steve Scalise as he has surgery and faces what will likely be months of recovery following the events that took place early this morning. Steve and I are former colleagues and great friends, having just had dinner earlier this week. He is an incredible public servant who not only serves our country in a leadership role in Congress, but also proudly represents the State of Louisiana.

Additionally, I remain in prayer for the others who were shot. Though this situation is fluid, we have already heard of many acts of bravery in the midst of this tragedy. Like always, law enforcement officials were quick to act, risking their lives to protect others. Having served in Congress, I know firsthand what the Capitol Police did daily to keep the members of Congress safe. We are grateful for the swift actions that undoubtedly saved this event from being more heartbreaking."

-Attorney General Jeff Landry

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Scalise Shooter Was a Radical Progressive

As most of America is already aware, Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana, House Majority Whip, was shot during a practice for the annual Congressional Baseball Game, a charity event between Republican and Democrat members of Congress.  Scalise was shot in the hip, has been operated on and seems to be in stable condition at this time.

The shooter has been determined to be James T. Hodgkinson of Illinois, who has since perished in gunfire following the incident.  Hodgkinson has had a history of making anti-Trump statements, once calling the President an "asshole" and stating that the Democrats should work to stop any of Trump's efforts in Washington.

Photo source: Facebook

Photo source: Facebook

Photo source: Facebook

Photo source: Facebook

Photo source: Facebook

Photo source: Facebook

This comes on the heels on a history of anti-GOP statements that include violence, such as the severed head being held by Kathy Griffin and the recent assassination scene of President Trump in a New York play 

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