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Louisiana Citizens for Job Creators: AG Landry: The Radical Left Has Divorced Itself from Common Sense!

Photo source: Facebook

Photo source: Facebook

Last week, AG Jeff Landry issued a scathing Op-Ed chastising a Letter to the Editor in the Baton Rouge Advocate for criticizing East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff Sid Gautreaux. Sheriff Gautreaux recently came under fire for saying he would check the immigration status of criminals booked into the parish jail. AG Landry applauds this action as "common sense solutions to combating drug smuggling, human trafficking, and other criminal activity." He goes on to note that, "unfortunately, the radical left has divorced itself from common sense and instead advocates for open borders and the abolishment of ICE."

Thank you AG Landry, for supporting local efforts to combat the protection of criminal illegal aliens. Read his full editorial HERE!

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KENNEDY: Someone needs to tell AOC the voices in her head aren’t real

Our own Senator from Louisiana, John Kennedy, had the following to say recently regarding the buffoon and clown from New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her claims regarding illegal immigrants:

“Let me be frank. Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez...someone needs to tell her that the voices in her head are not real. She says that the men and women of our border patrol and our authorities are intentionally running concentration camps on the southern border. She needs to go to the Holocaust Museum and see what a concentration camp is. The problem we’re having at the border, a problem that Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez has helped create is that we have 5,000 people a day, not a week, not a month, a day coming into this country. And we don’t have a place to put them. The Department of Homeland Security is out of money and the congresswoman knows that. She says the conditions are inhumane. But yet, when we send a bill over to her to vote to improve those conditions, she voted no. Her hypocrisy is breathtaking. This is the bottom line. Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez believes that illegal immigration is a moral good. And she believes that the border is just a nuisance and it should be open; and, I don’t think that’s what America believes.” 

Sen. John Kennedy, R-Louisiana

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State attorneys general: Donald Trump's national emergency declaration is constitutional

Photo source: USA Today

Photo source: USA Today

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry helped pen the below column regarding President Trump’s emergency declaration regarding the border:

In declaring a state of emergency pursuant to the NEA, President Trump is using pre-existing statutory authority to address a legitimate crisis created by lawless conduct at and beyond our southern border. This emergency declaration is not a case of the president relieving himself of restrictions under the law. To the contrary, our president is protecting our country’s borders through means contemplated by Congress and used many times by past presidents for matters less directly threatening than those present on the southern border.

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LANDRY: I Stand with President Trump

Attorney General of Louisiana, Jeff Landry, issued the below video highlighting support for President Donald Trump’s goal of securing the border and the border wall.

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CASSIDY: Make Mexican Cartels Pay for the Wall

Photo source: Wikipedia

Photo source: Wikipedia

Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana recently went on Fox Business to discuss his upcoming bill that would allow the President to use monies seized from Mexican drug cartel activities to fund the border wall.

Cassidy had the following to say on Fox News:

"It's become an article of faith among Pelosi and her kind of inner circle that they cannot give Trump a victory, even if it means securing our southern border. ... Now, that's a sorry state of affairs, but I'm hoping we can push through that."

More information regarding Cassidy’s bill and his statements regarding Pelosi can be found here.

Jeff Landry on Nancy Pelosi: She Enjoys Her Wall While Opposing Southern Border Wall

Photo source: Louisiana AG

Photo source: Louisiana AG

 Nancy Pelosi has a long laundry list of hypocrisy in every single thing she does. She has a front door on her house. She has a fence around her house. She has security measures around her house. She has a door to her congressional office. She doesn’t, evidently, just let anybody in. What’s amazing is this is exactly on a much more larger scale … what’s going on in this country. What Nancy Pelosi and the Left want is, they want chaos because, under chaos, they control. They certainly must support the violence. They do nothing to suppress it. They do nothing to condemn it.

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Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry Announces Arrest of Illegal Immigrant

Photo source: KLFY

Photo source: KLFY

“Yet again, our office has arrested another illegal immigrant accused of exploiting children,” said Landry in his statement. “This man who should not be in our country has been picked up for possessing and distributing pornography involving juveniles under the age of 13.”

Landry claims arrests like this one "highlight the need for improved border security".

Read more: AG Jeff Landry: Suspect living illegally in Houma arrested on child pornography charges

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CASSIDY: Use Mexican Cartel Money to Build Wall

Photo source: BRProud

Photo source: BRProud

Sen. Bill Cassidy of Louisiana has suggested using asset forfeiture fund money received during enforcement on Mexican cartel activities within the United States.

"The nice thing about this is Congress does not appropriate money in the asset forfeiture fund. It's one the Executive Branch controls itself, so he could use this money without congressional approval. So it's a way forward even if Miss Pelosi has decided she is not as interested in securing the southern border.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has described President Trump's effort to build a border wall as an obsession, and a waste of billions of taxpayer dollars. 

Both sides have vowed to not back down. 

In the words on Sen. Cassidy, ""It's the Mexican cartels paying for the wall, and that would be such sweet justice.”

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AG Jeff Landry Meets With Trump on Border Security

Photo source: Wikipedia  

Photo source: Wikipedia  

 "We have seen what happens when we allow criminals to come into our country illegally," Landry said, pointing to the 2016 death of St. John Fire Chief Spencer Chauvin when a bus driver living in the U.S. illegally crashed his vehicle and killed Chauvin and Jermaine Starr.

"Spencer Chauvin's wife, Jennifer, and his two children, Jude and Jade, will never be reunited with their husband and father here on this earth."

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HIGGINS: There is a Crisis on our Southern Border

Photo source: Wikipedia  

Photo source: Wikipedia  

 “President Trump is right. There is a crisis on our southern border. Tonight, President Trump outlined the facts on our current border situation. Democrats may not accept them, but this is the harsh reality that our border patrol agents and law enforcement officers face daily. If Democrats continue to refuse negotiations, then President Trump should do what is necessary to protect our national security and enforce America’s sovereign borders.”

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Sen. Kennedy Discusses Shutdown and Border Wall Funding

Photo source: Wikipedia

Photo source: Wikipedia

Per Sen. John Kennedy, R-Louisiana, “right now Speaker Pelosi is running the show, and she makes no distinction between legal and illegal immigration. And if you disagree with her, then you’re a racist. I think that’s a very unreasonable position that the majority of the American people don’t support because they’re too smart to support it.

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SCALISE: Democrats Need To Stop Playing Games With America's Safety And Fund Border Security Now

Photo source: Twitter

Photo source: Twitter

From the day President Trump took office, Democrats have vowed to oppose him at every turn in an effort to appease their radical-left base, putting the politics of obstruction over the security of our country.

There’s been no better example of that than the current partial government shutdown.

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TRUMP: Democrats, It Is Time To Come Together

Photo source: Twitter

Photo source: Twitter

Thursday evening, President Donald J. Trump called on Democrats to come together and put the safety of the American people before politics.

“Border security must become a #1 priority!” the President tweeted.

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Jim Jordan Should Be the Next Speaker of the House

Photo source: Wikipedia

Photo source: Wikipedia

Coming out like a beast, the U.S. Representative for Ohio's 4th congressional district blasts the Republican members of the House for kicking the can down the road and repeatedly lying to the American voter regarding immigration and building the wall.

Make this man the next Speaker of the House.

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SCALISE: "It's Important to Secure the Border"

Photo source: Fox News

Photo source: Fox News

In a recent appearance on Fox News, Congressman Steve Scalise emphasized the importance of funding the border wall, a key component of President Trump’s election campaign.

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The Daily Caller Scorches Acosta over "Migrant Claim"

Remember when Jim Acosta made a complete ass off himself and, as a result, has his White House Press credentials revoked? Where, here is a reminder of Acosta claiming that these “migrants” were not invaders and would not be jumping walls.

The overlaid video footage by Benny Johnson of The Daily Caller is pure gold.

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