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This Ain’t the Party of FDR and JFK Anymore

Did you hear the latest from the communist, I mean “democratic socialist”, Bernie Sanders? This clown is actually arguing for the right to vote for any felon, regardless of the crime. He even went so far as to argue for the right to vote WHILE INCARCERATED.

Toto, I don’t think we’re not in Kansas anymore.

The party of FDR and JFK are long gone.

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If You Work in the Oil and Gas Industry and Vote Democrat, Read This

Photo source: Fox News

Photo source: Fox News

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, in a recent campaign op-ed, stated that she would place a moratorium on domestic fossil fuel leases if elected President:

“We must not allow corporations to pillage our public lands and leave taxpayers to clean up the mess,” Warren wrote in a Medium post. “All of us—local communities and tribes, hunters and anglers, ranchers and weekend backpackers—must work together to manage and protect our shared heritage.”

Read more: Elizabeth Warren: I Will Halt All Oil, Gas Drilling on Public Lands, Offshore on Day One of Presidency

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LAGOP: Gov. Edwards' Dirty Money

Photo source: NOLA

Photo source: NOLA

The following is a release from the Louisiana Republican Party:

(Baton Rouge, LA) - On November 8, 2015, Governor John Bel Edwards received three $5,000 checks (the maximum donation allowed), all from the exact same address. These checks came, respectively, from the founder of Force Multiplier Solutions, LLC, Robert Leonard, his wife Margaret “Linda” Leonard, [i] and their company, Force Multiplier Solutions, LLC. On August 9, 2018, Robert Leonard pled guilty to federal conspiracy charges stemming from a bribery and kickback scheme set up by Leonard to defraud the Dallas County Schools out of millions of dollars. [ii] According to court filings, even though Margaret “Linda” Leonard did not work for Force Multiplier Solutions, LLC the company paid the mortgage on her $1.6 million estate in Dallas. She also received over $50,000 in payments from the company in over two months. Robert Leonard was the mastermind behind the bribery plot, [iii] but the Dissolution Committee for the Former Board of Trustees of Dallas County Schools is focused on Margaret Leonard's assets because of her involvement. The committee was set up by the Texas Legislature (similar to the executor of an estate) to go collect as much money as possible from the people who defrauded Dallas County Schools. The checks in her name were written to Dallas County Schools president Larry Duncan, who has admitted to taking bribes. [iv] Ms. Leonard now claims the campaign checks signed in her name were not authorized. "I didn't write this check," she stated in her sworn deposition earlier this year.” That's not my handwriting."

We wonder whether she signed the $5,000 check she wrote to Governor Edwards during the same time period? “Following the strings attached to Governor Edwards’ dirty money will lead you into some pretty dark places.” said LAGOP Political Director, Jason Harbison. Louisiana taxpayers deserve to know the truth about their Governor’s relationship with Robert Leonard. Today we have submitted an official records request to the Governor’s Office to determine what strings were attached to this dirty money from a convicted fraudster. While we wait for the Governor’s Office to respond to our request; John Bel Edwards should immediately turn over this dirty money to the proper law enforcement authority.

The public records request can be found HERE.







AOC Gets Schooled on Economics by PragerU

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the gift that just keeps on giving.

This woman is technically dead from the shoulders up. And, for the lift of me, I cannot understand why people take this moron seriously. Listening to idiots like this and following their "guidance" will put us all in the same situation Venezuela is now in.

Vote Republican like your life depends on it, because it basically does.

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Republican Party of Louisiana Files Public Records Request Regarding Governor John Bel Edwards’ Louisiana Statewide Business Summit


Monday, February 18, 2019

(Baton Rouge, LA): Today the Republican Party of Louisiana submitted a public records request for any and all correspondence related to Democrat Governor John Bel Edwards’ Louisiana Statewide Business Summit to discern whether the governor is using it as a taxpayer-funded campaign event to bolster his re-election efforts. A copy of the request can be found here.

This request comes as Governor Edwards has faced a slew of bad headlines in recent weeks regarding his lackluster performance on the economy leading up to his announcement of the summit. This, along with the fact that many of the event’s speakers are either donors or employees of Edwards, raises questions of whether he is using his summit as a publicly-funded campaign event.

“On the heels of one negative story after another highlighting the poor state of Louisiana’s economy under the leadership of Governor Edwards, the Governor appears to have organized this summit for the benefit of his re-election efforts on the taxpayer’s dime,” said Chairman Louis Gurvich. “Our elected leaders should not be using taxpayer funds to further their personal political objectives. The timing and choice of speakers at this summit raises serious questions for Governor Edwards, and the people of Louisiana deserve answers.”

A Brief Timeline of Negative News Stories:

January 28 – “In a November 2015 debate, both Edwards and his Republican runoff challenger, then-U.S. Sen. David Vitter, said they wouldn’t raise tax rates on businesses or individuals. They talked of very similar plans to make government more efficient, remove protections that keep some areas of the budget off-limits to cuts and scale back tax break programs. Tax rates under Edwards, however, were raised.” (AP: In re-election bid, Edwards to face tax scrutiny)

January 30 – Louisiana ranked the worst state in the country for where to find a job. (Zippia: THESE ARE THE 10 BEST STATES IN AMERICA FOR JOBS)

January 30 – “Until then we live with Gov. Edwards’ ‘Texas Plan’ that was evident in a post by Baton Rouge ex-pat Branon Pesnell, who now does real estate in Houston: ‘I am one of the 55,000 who moved out of the state (2016-2018) partly because of this type of short-sighted thinking. Decisions like this will have long-term impact on the Louisiana’s ability to recruit and keep business. The door is open in Texas, come on in!’” (Greater Baton Rouge Business Journal: Publisher: Governor’s ITEP change helps Texas)

February 4 – “Stephen Waguespack, president of the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry, said Monday at the Press Club of Baton Rouge [ITEP] is ‘broken’…” (Advocate: LABI, Louisiana's largest business lobby, wants changes for ITEP tax)

February 4 – “But Edwards isn’t interested in changing the rules, saying Louisiana remains competitive in business development.” (AP: Louisiana leaders divided on industrial tax break)

February 9 – “Even when watered down by a Republican-led Legislature, his policies over the past three years have produced tax hikes and 40 percent higher state spending. Louisiana has one of the worst economies in the country with almost no net new jobs created.” (Advocate: Jeff Sadow: Look behind the spin put on Gov. Edward's polling numbers)

February 13 – John Bel Edwards announces Louisiana Statewide Business Summit (Advocate:Louisiana Statewide Business Summit to highlight economic development success stories


Socialized Medicine Requires Six Things — America Has None Of Them.

Photo source: Flickr

Photo source: Flickr

When Democrats complain about government inaction, they frequently point to European countries and bemoan why can't we just be more like them?!? Alas the Left enjoys looking at the results of socialized medicine in other developed nations, but they aren't very interested how they do it. The truth is a country can have socialized medicine, but they need the six things.

America currently has none of them.

Read more: Socialized Medicine Requires Six Things — America Has None Of Them.

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SCALISE: Democrats Are Using Unpaid Workers as Pawns

Per Congressman Steve Scalise’s Facebook page:

Today House Democrats for the third time voted AGAINST paying federal workers as negotiations continue. I asked the House Democrat Majority Leader a simple question: how can Democrats claim to support workers when they refuse to pay them and instead use them as political pawns?

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What You Won’t Hear on the Mainstream Media

Photo source: bizpackreview 

Photo source: bizpackreview 

Think that the Democrats and Queen Pelosi are really concerned about the 800,000 furloughed federal employees who are a casualty of the government shutdown? Think again. They’re nothing but a pawn in the chess game being played to get rid of what’s holding them back from ultimately destroying this country, President Trump. 

The latest indication that those furloughed workers are being used is below. The one thing that I’m wondering is why this wasn’t on the Big 3 and the CNN & MSNBC networks?  

 “Democratic leaders decided to call up a bill Wednesday to fund the entire government. But just before the final vote, Republicans made a motion to erase that bill and instead vote on a measure to ensure federal workers are paid. The GOP motion failed 200-215,” the Washington Examiner reported.

Pelosi is overplaying her hand and is starting to blink. 

Read more:  Second time in 2 weeks Pelosi, House Dems vote against GOP effort to get furloughed workers their paychecks

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Did You See the Connection Between Russia and Louisiana's Own John Breaux?

Photo source: Wikipedia

Photo source: Wikipedia

With the daily banter regarding Russian collusion within the Trump camp, you’d almost miss the piece by Forbes that shows a direct link between Democrat lobbying and Russia. Also buried in that piece is a connection between our own former Senator from the state of Louisiana, John Breaux, and Russia.

Lobbying for Russia is a bi-partisan activity. Gazprombank GPB, a subsidiary of Russia’s third largest bank, Gazprombank, is represented by former Sen. John Breaux, (D., La.), and former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R., Miss.), as main lobbyists on “banking laws and regulations, including applicable sanctions.” The Breaux-Lott client is currently in the Treasury Department list of Russian firms prohibited from debt financing with U.S. banks.

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Americans for Tax Reform: The Top 20% of Households Pay 88% of Federal Income Taxes

Photo source: TexAgs

Photo source: TexAgs

The recently elected brain trust on all issues fiscal, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has decided that the top earners do not pay their “fair share” and should have 70% of their income stolen, er, taxed. The following information, obtained from the Americans for Tax Reform, indicate exactly how much the wealthiest do contribute:

According to the Congressional Budget Office

-The top one percent of households pay 39.4 percent of federal income taxes and 26.2 percent of total federal taxes.

- The top 20 percent of households pay 88.1 percent of federal income taxes and 69.5 percent of total federal taxes.

- The top one percent of households pay an average income tax rate of 24 percent while the middle quintile pays an average income tax rate of 3 percent.

- The top one percent of households pay an average total tax rate of 33.3 percent while the middle quintile pays an average total tax rate of over 14 percent.  

- The top 20 percent of households pay an average total tax rate of 26.7 percent while the middle quintile pays an average total tax rate of 14 percent. 

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TRUMP: Democrats, It Is Time To Come Together

Photo source: Twitter

Photo source: Twitter

Thursday evening, President Donald J. Trump called on Democrats to come together and put the safety of the American people before politics.

“Border security must become a #1 priority!” the President tweeted.

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The Fruits of a Tax and Spend Governor

Photo source: Wikipedia  

Photo source: Wikipedia  

Personal income in Louisiana growth slowed to a 2.3 percent rate in the third quarter of this year, a smaller gain than almost every other state, newly released figures show.

The U.S. grew personal income by 4 percent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. Personal income includes income from labor, owning a home or business, financial assets and transfers.

Louisiana ranked 48th in the rate of growth. Mississippi, also at 2.3 percent, ranked 49th, and Missouri, at 2.1 percent, ranked 50th.

The state added $1.19 billion in personal income during the period, including $796 million in net earnings.

Farm earnings took the biggest hit in the quarter, down $101 million. Mining, quarrying and oil and gas extraction fell by $75 million.

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SCALISE: When Eric Holder, other Dems call for violence, that's a direct threat to our democracy

Photo source: Twitter

Photo source: Twitter

As a survivor of a politically motivated attack, it is tragic to think this is an acceptable state of political discourse in our country. I refuse to stand for this and I will continue to call for an end to it. A healthy, strong democracy is not possible if anyone lives in fear of expressing their views.

If this is going to stop, it must start with Democratic leaders, who need to condemn, rather than promote these dangerous calls to action.

Read more: Rep. Steve Scalise: When Eric Holder, other Dems call for violence, that's a direct threat to our democracy

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It’s Amazing What Happens When the Economy is Unshackled from Democrats

Photo source: Rigzone

Photo source: Rigzone

Jerry Morales, the mayor of Midland, Texas, and a local restaurateur, is being whipsawed by the latest Permian Basin shale-oil boom.

It’s fueling the region and starving it at the same time. Sales-tax revenue is hitting a record high, allowing the city to get around to fixing busted roads. But the crazy-low 2.1 percent unemployment rate is a bear. As the proprietor of Mulberry Cafe and Gerardo’s Casita, Morales is working hard to retain cooks. As a Republican first elected in 2014, he oversees a government payroll 200 employees short of what it needs to fully function.

“This economy is on fire,” he said from a back table at the cafe the other day, watching as the lunchtime crowd lined up for the Asian Zing Salad and Big Mo’s Toaster hamburger

Read more:  Shale Country Dangles 100% Pay Raises as Labor Market Runs Dry

LANDRY: Chicago Is Holding American Law Enforcement Hostage

Photo source: The Daily Caller

Photo source: The Daily Caller

The Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, famously said: “In order to be considered truly free, countries must also have a deep love of liberty and an abiding respect for the rule of law.” Fortunately for the people of our nation, President Donald Trump has heeded these words of wisdom.

Unlike his predecessor, whose blatant disregard for the rule of law on immigration exacerbated the proliferation of sanctuary cities, President Trump and his administration have honored their oaths to enforce our immigration laws and protect our borders.

In keeping with this promise, Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave notice to law enforcement agencies receiving certain grant dollars that they must comply with federal law and with two conditions aimed at increasing the government’s ability to locate and deport criminal aliens preying on American citizens.

These conditions are in accord with established federal jurisprudence that “the Tenth Amendment does not give States and their subdivisions an untrammeled right to forbid all voluntary cooperation by state or local officials with particular federal programs,” especially in the information sharing context.

Requiring agencies to notify the Department of Homeland Security of the scheduled release dates of criminal aliens wanted by DHS and to allow federal immigration officers on their premises in order to inquire about an individual’s right to remain are common-sense public safety measures.

In July 2016, the Department of Justice Inspector General released a memorandum noting that many jurisdictions receiving federal grant dollars were in violation of the law by withholding immigration information from federal officials. Shortly thereafter, the Department of Justice mandated a particular condition that jurisdictions offer proof that they were in compliance with federal law regarding information sharing.

Attorney General Sessions simply sustained that policy by including narrowly-tailored conditions to ensure these grant dollars are not given to state and local jurisdictions which frustrate federal immigration enforcement. However, in order to score political points, some of our nation’s largest cities decided to obstruct. And the City of Chicago took their prioritization of protecting illegal immigrants over stopping crime to the courtroom.

Chicago sued the Department of Justice, and the liberal district court and Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals decided that Attorney General Sessions lacked the authority to impose these two conditions. While their disrespect for the Constitution was egregious enough, their further abuse of the judicial process is causing even more widespread harm.

The nationwide injunction issued by federal courts means that hundreds of millions of grant dollars are being withheld from law enforcement agencies which comply willingly with immigration laws. Because of its nationwide scope, the injunction purports to settle the law for the entire United States. This aggrandizement of power deprives other courts the opportunity to decide the issue for themselves and thereby frustrates the development of law.

The nationwide injunction has essentially blocked the Department of Justice from issuing any funding from the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (Byrne JAG) Program. This critical program finances several law enforcement measures such as victim assistance, crisis intervention, body cameras, Tasers and officer overtime pay. The withholding of its funds restrict activities or, in some cases, cause operations to cease entirely.

A recent Harvard-Harris Poll found that Americans strongly support the Trump administration’s actions to reverse the policies of sanctuary jurisdictions. The survey found 80 percent of voters agreed that state and local authorities should cooperate with and report illegal immigrants to federal authorities.

So I join not only the overwhelming majority of American voters, but also the over 3,000 sheriff offices across our country in support of the USDOJ’s position to uphold the rule of law.

Whatever the result of the Chicago action, the court’s relief should not be allowed to affect thousands of others nationwide. Chicago should not hold hostage law enforcement who agree with the conditions and uphold the rule of law.

Jeff Landry is the attorney general of the state of Louisiana. He previously served as a member of Louisiana’s delegation to U.S. House of Representatives.

Source:  Chicago Is Holding American Law Enforcement Hostage

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More Consequences of Honor Code’s Lawsuits

Photo source: Twitter

Photo source: Twitter

As we’ve reported on quite a bit, Gov. Honor Code and his trial attorney band of brothers have had a vendetta against the oil and gas industry in this state, being bound and determined to milk this vital life blood in this state to the last drop.  

Now, the latest to turn away from the Pelican State because of our legal atmosphere is the Bassmaster fishing tournament, which contributes millions in revenue.  

 “For the foreseeable future, we can’t have a level playing field there because of the access problems,” said BASS Conservation Director Gene Gilliland. “Louisiana just has some very peculiar laws that don’t mesh well with tournaments and that are going to deter a lot of recreational fishermen as well. Who knows how much they’ll lose?”

But, if you listen to the mainstream media here in Louisiana, what we have is a moderate Democrat leading this state.  

Don’t blame me though. I voted for Vitter. 

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