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Boustany Endorses John Kennedy for Senate

(Lafayette, LA) – Dr. Charles Boustany endorsed Treasurer John Kennedy in Louisiana’s open Senate race.
Boustany said: “Republicans who care about the future of our country need a Republican in the Senate who will work with Donald Trump to roll back the failed liberal policies of President Obama. I endorse John Kennedy and urge all my supporters to cast their vote for him.”

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Time for Career Politician Foster Campbell to Strap On His Tap Dancing Shoes

(Lafayette, LA) – The Boustany for Senate campaign released the following statement after the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced it is re-opening the Hillary Clinton email investigation after new emails “pertinent to this investigation” surfaced.

Boustany Communications Director Jack Pandol said: “Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt major-party nominee in modern history. Not even Obama’s FBI can justify ignoring mounting evidence that Clinton risked our national security for her own political expedience by using a private email server. Dr. Boustany encourages the FBI to investigate this matter the fullest extent of the law and hold Secretary Clinton accountable for her actions.”

Democratic candidate for Senate and career politician Foster Campbell frequently says he doesn’t own any “tap dancing shoes” while deriding tap dancing politicians who don’t talk straight with the people. But Campbell has been doing some tap dancing of his own avoiding the question of whether he supports corrupt Hillary Clinton for President.


Tap dancing career politician Foster  Campbell refused to even say Hillary Clinton's name at the Louisiana Public Broadcasting debate in Ruston.

In an article in The Advocate titled “While most U.S. Senate candidates back their party’s presidential nominee, one Louisiana candidate won’t talk about it,” Foster Campbell tap danced around the question of who he’s supporting for President. Campbell said: “Talking about Hillary Clinton distracts people.”

Campbell has been criticized by his Democratic opponent, Caroline Fayard, for continuing to avoid the question. Fayard said: “The facts are the facts. Commissioner Campbell refuses to even say Hillary Clinton’s name publicly, or say whether he voted for President Obama.”

In a letter to the editor written by Terrebonne Parish Councilwoman Arlanda Williams titled “Foster Campbell trying to pull fast one on black voters,” the Councilwoman criticizes Campbell for continuing to tap-dance around the question. Williams writes: “Where were you for Secretary Hillary Clinton? To this day, when you are expecting Democrats to fall in line and vote for you, you’re nowhere to be found when it comes to supporting our party’s nominee for president.”

Boustany Communications Director Jack Pandol said: “Career politician Foster Campbell continues tap dancing around the question of whether he supports Hillary Clinton for President. He says ‘talking about Hillary Clinton distracts people.’ Foster Campbell needs to stop tap dancing like the career politician he is and man up. After today’s revelation that Hillary Clinton is under federal investigation for risking our national security, does he support the most corrupt major-party nominee in modern history, or will he continue to hide from the people of Louisiana?”

Boustany Picks Up Endorsement of Baton Rouge Business Report

Per the piece that was released today, Boustany was endorsed for his race to replace Sen. David Vitter on the US Senate from Louisiana.

There are 24 candidates in the race for this seat. They range from longtime, yellow dog, populist Democrats to a longtime, ultra-conservative, white supremacist. Louisiana can ill afford to send either of these extremes to Washington to represent our state. We need to elect an intelligent and effective senator with integrity, who can team up with Sen. Bill Cassidy to help our state and nation.

Congressman Charles Boustany, a Republican who has served for the past 12 years, will make TEAM LOUISIANA solid in the Senate.

Boustany’s experience includes the House Ways and Means Committee and serving as chairman of the Tax Policy Subcommittee. He advocates for a simpler tax code and reduced regulation on business. Boustany is also a heart surgeon and understands the negative impact of Obamacare on patients, small business and the medical profession. He has voted to repeal the law and offered market-based solutions.

In talking with others who know and work with Boustany, they described him as, “Serious. Working hard every day. Studying the issues.” They also said, “He doesn’t crave the spotlight. He is intelligent, principled and effective for Louisiana.” Finally, one said, “His heart is right and he works well with people to get things done.” High praise.

Boustany is a native of Louisiana who graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and got his medical degree from LSU in New Orleans. He and his wife, Bridget, have raised their two children here.

Boustany has a record of accomplishments for the people of Louisiana and is the best choice for the U.S. Senate. He will make us proud.

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Charles Boustany Receives Endorsement from The Daily Advertiser

Photo source: The Daily Advertiser

Photo source: The Daily Advertiser

In Sunday's edition of The Daily Advertiser out of Lafayette, Congressman Charles Boustany received their endorsement for his candidacy in the Senate race for the seat being vacated by David Vitter.  Boustany is running in a crowded field of 24 candidates and has been leading the pack in polling numbers for several weeks.  In the endorsement, the paper highlighted Boustany as offering "right intention, dogged determination and sincere and informed leadership consistent with the needs of Louisiana and the nation."

The Daily Advertiser also highlighted Boustany's leadership on issues directly affecting the citizens of Louisiana, chief among them, the oil and gas industry.  Additionally, his lead on coastal restoration, international trade, American security and international affairs were among the issues that were most important in their endorsement.

The story can be found at the The Daily Advertiser.

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Charles Boustany Releases a Piece Called "Finally" Regarding Treasurer John Kennedy

Photo source: YouTube

Photo source: YouTube

Congressman Charles Boustany, running for the seat being vacated in the US Senate by David Vitter, is in a heated contest with, among others, State Treasurer John Kennedy.  It seems that Boustany has set his sights on Kennedy with the latest piece being put out by the campaign, along with an accompanying video, highlighting what Boustany calls a "truth telling parody".

Below accompanied the video in an email released today:

The ad says: “He’s a career politician. He’s run for office ten different times.1 Backed a $1.1 billion tax increase.2
“John Kennedy led costly short-term budget gimmicks that cost taxpayers $200 million.3 Wasted taxpayer money renting office space from one of his campaign contributors.4
“Budget gimmicks. While the state’s credit rating is downgraded.5 John Kennedy: finally, someone is calling him out.”

1Career politician John Kennedy ran for office ten different times from 1991-2016.

  1. 1991 – Attorney General (D), lost

  2. 1995 – Attorney General (D), withdrew

  3. 1999 – Treasurer (D), won

  4. 2003 – Treasurer (D), won

  5. 2004 – Senate (D), lost

  6. 2007 – Treasurer (R), won

  7. 2008 – Senate (R), lost

  8. 2011 – Treasurer (R), won

  9. 2015 – Treasurer (R), won

  10.  2016 – Senate (R)

2John Kennedy backed a $1.1 billion tax increase on Louisiana oil & gas earlier this year as a way to make up the state’s budget shortfall. On WWL-Radio New Orleans, Kennedy claimed: “The total amount of waste and inefficiencies that the legislative auditor in these 36 reports identified just last year, in 2015, is $1.745 billion.” When challenged on his numbers, Treasurer Kennedy provided a report on government waste to Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards identifying $1.7 billion in ‘waste’ – including $1.148 billion in uncollected revenue from the state’s temporary tax exemption on hydraulic fracturing from 2010-2014.
3A performance review of the Louisiana Bond Commission in February found that short-term budget gimmicks employed by Kennedy as Chairman of the Bond Commission dating back to the 2010-2011 budget year helped plug short-term budget gaps, but incurred long-term costs to the state of as much as $231 million.
4A report by The Advocate found that the Treasurer’s Office has leased office space since 2011 at One City Plaza in Baton Rouge at a cost of $369,597 per year to taxpayers. The Treasurer repeatedly ignored attempts from the Office of Facility Planning and Control to move to state-owned office space that would have saved the state $293,868 per year. Kennedy has received $21,600 in campaign contributions from the owner of the facility.

5Louisiana’s credit rating was downgraded by Moody’s in February 2016. According to the AP: “Treasurer John Kennedy said Moody’s decision surprised him."

Fleming Surges to Statistical Tie with Boustany and Campbell in Senate Race

In the latest poll by JMC Analytics, Congressman John Fleming has surged to a statistical tie with Rep. Boustany and PSC Campbell for the race to replace Sen. David Vitter in the US Senate in Louisiana.  Fleming has moved up 6 points since the last poll done in July, while both Boustany and Campbell have held steady with support since the last poll.

A copy of the results of this poll can be found here.

Is John Kennedy Getting Desperate?

Photo source: The Advocate

Photo source: The Advocate

On Wednesday, Charles Boustany refuted a story being circulated that he was someone involved with a prostitute that ended up murdered.  Per this piece, Boustany went on to state "it is all total lies – and everyone, even John Kennedy, knows it."

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Boustany Tours Flood Damage on Congressional Delegation Trip with Garret Graves, Out-of-State Members


(Baton Rouge, LA) – Dr. Charles Boustany (R-Lafayette) helped lead a congressional delegation trip with Representative Garret Graves (R-Baton Rouge) to Baton Rouge yesterday. The trip included several of the Louisiana congressmen’s out-of-state colleagues to tour flood-damaged areas in Baton Rouge.

Boustany said: “I’m proud to help lead a congressional delegation trip with Garret Graves to Baton Rouge to show our out-of-state colleagues the devastation in this area as our state begins the grueling task of rebuilding. I am committed to working with local, state, and federal officials to get Louisiana back up and running.”

BOUSTANY: The Painful Truth About Louisiana's 'Forgotten Flood'

Nearly one third of Louisiana’s parishes were underwater last week, but the country’s attention was fixated elsewhere.

Rain began falling on Friday, August 12. In some of the hardest-hit areas, it rained for days on end. Rivers ran backwards, levies overflowed, and the water kept rising.

Once the rain stopped, I immediately began touring damaged areas, meeting with local, state, and federal officials, and helping coordinate response efforts. The incredible resiliency and spirit of the people of Louisiana is inspiring, to say the least.

On Sunday, August 14, as I toured neighborhoods with standing water several feet deep in Youngsville, Louisiana, our truck pulled alongside a young man fishing in his front driveway. I asked him if he’d caught anything. “Two bass and an eel!” he replied with excitement, brandishing a proud smile that belied the damage all around him.

I talked with residents as they floated supplies down the street to their neighbors who were in need of water and food. Flood victims waved from cookouts in their front yard, standing in water up to their calves. The Chief of Police, acting as our guide, pointed out his own flooded house. He had no time to begin cleaning up because he was working around the clock to keep his community safe.

The stories are powerful and heartbreaking. But in Louisiana, frustration is mounting that the rest of the country could care less.

It took the president of the United States over a week to come to Louisiana. While the floodwaters rose, he continued to play golf on Martha’s Vineyard – a decision that struck many in my home state as callous. Especially after the media took former President George W. Bush to task for a supposed lack of empathy for victims of Hurricane Katrina over a decade ago. 

The New York Times, to its credit, apologized in an editorial to its readers titled “On Gulf Coast Flooding, The Times Is Late to the Scene.” In the editorial, the Times notes that reader Catherine Holmes of Georgia wrote to the paper: “Disappointing that Trump’s latest gaffe and the Olympics totally dominate your front page this morning, when so many in south Louisiana are suffering.” Similar stories highlighting the lack of focus on the crisis ran in USA Today, The Atlantic, The Huffington Post, and Salon.

Arriving in Louisiana last Tuesday, FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate told me, Governor Edwards, and Congressman Cedric Richmond that he didn’t believe official Washington had any idea of what was going on in Louisiana. It took the agency several days to declare sixteen parishes that had been hit with severe flooding a disaster area, unlocking access to federal assistance for affected families. By Wednesday, 70,000 people in Louisiana had applied for assistance through FEMA.

Many of the victims don’t live in a federally-designated flood plain, meaning they have no flood insurance to recoup damages.

Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon estimates only 14 percent of Lafayette residents affected by the flooding have flood insurance, and only 12 percent in Baton Rouge.

Even for those with flood insurance, the maximum disbursement is $250,000. While FEMA and private aid will help make up some of the difference, it could easily not be enough for many residents.

Applicants in non-flood zones may only receive up to $33,000 in assistance from FEMA. If this disaster requires supplemental assistance from Congress, I worry Members who haven’t been informed about the damage in Louisiana may not have the information they need to make good decisions when the body reconvenes in a few weeks.

The Red Cross labeled this 500-year flood “the worst natural disaster to strike the United States since Superstorm Sandy.” On the ground in Louisiana, many are already calling this disaster the ‘Forgotten Flood.’

Governor John Bel Edwards surmised part of the reason this disaster has flown under the radar is due to the lack of a catchy name.

Unfortunately, now it has one. And that’s a shame.

Congressman Charles W. Boustany, Jr., MD, represents Louisiana’s Third Congressional District covering Lafayette, Lake Charles, and Morgan City.

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