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Clay Higgins Shares Personal Experiences Regarding Obamacare

On a recent visit to Fox News, Congressman Clay Higgins from Louisiana’s 3rd Congressional District shared his personal experiences with the train wreck called Obamacare. Higgins described the decisions that that he and his family had to make regarding groceries or insurance during his time as a law enforcement official..

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HIGGINS: Welcome to Southwest Louisiana, President Trump

Photo source: The Advocate

Photo source: The Advocate

 Congressman Clay Higgins, Special to the American Press

    Louisiana will soon welcome President Donald Trump for a visit to Sempra Energy’s Cameron LNG Export Facility. With over $100 billion in announced energy projects and $65 billion in projects already underway, Southwest Louisiana has a story worth sharing.

    Our region is home to historic economic growth and job creation as part of the LNG boom, and I am honored that President Trump recognizes Louisiana’s significance regarding American energy dominance. South Louisiana is blessed with a strategic location on the Gulf Coast that is home to vast natural resources, major ports, industrial airfields, rail and pipeline hubs, and generational skills. With critical investments in new and existing infrastructure, Southwest Louisiana can become the epicenter of national economic prosperity.

    What we are seeing is reflective of President Trump’s efforts to unleash America’s energy potential and establish an era of American energy dominance. In Calcasieu and Cameron parishes, projects like Sasol, Cheniere, Sabine Pass LNG, Driftwood LNG, Magnolia LNG, Cameron LNG, and many others are creating tens of thousands of jobs and generating billions in economic development. Southwest Louisiana is quickly becoming a global leader in energy exports.

    Historic tax cuts, regulatory reform, and an America-first business climate are driving energy projects forward. Continued economic growth in Louisiana relies on modern infrastructure and a strong workforce. I will continue to reinforce that message directly with President Trump and his Cabinet.

    We must invest in our ports, waterways, roads, and bridges. We should also invest in workforce development to ensure that local workers can meet growing job and industry demands.

    When President Trump visited Lake Charles after Hurricane Harvey, I asked him to invest in dredging and water management for South Louisiana. I looked in his eyes and stated that we’ve seen this much water fall, but we haven’t seen this much water rise. His administration followed through. The Calcasieu Channel and Port of Lake Charles have received over $194 million for dredging since 2017. That investment enables greater trade, attracts new business, and will generate more than a billion dollars in revenue over the next five years.

    On Tuesday, I will speak to President Trump about the need to continue investing in our region. This includes federal resources for our ports, waterways, airfields, and a new I-10 bridge. With strategic investments, we can unlock Southwest Louisiana’s full economic potential, which will be a major benefit to the entire nation.

    I am grateful for our Commander in Chief and for his upcoming visit. He leads from the front, and he follows through on his promises. That spirit is certainly welcome here in South Louisiana.

--Congressman Clay Higgins represents Louisiana’s 3rd District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Source: Congressman Clay Higgins 

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Higgins Hosting Veteran's Workshop

Photo source:

Photo source:

Congressman Clay Higgins, along with the Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry’s office, is hosting a workshop on Monday, March 25th, to assist vets with benefits.

As a veteran, you are entitled to multiple benefits.

Workers from the Louisiana Attorney General's Office, the Louisiana Workforce Commission and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs along with staff from Congressman Higgins' office will be there to help.


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HIGGINS: Give Law Enforcement Resources to Respond to Drug Crisis

Photo source: YouTube

Photo source: YouTube

Per Facebook, Rep. Clay Higgins had the following to say during a recent committee meeting on the drug crisis:

Law enforcement professionals tasked with securing our borders don't need DC bureaucrats or politicians, who've never worn a badge, to tell them what their mission is. All they need is for Congress to provide the resources that they have clearly and properly requested.

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HIGGINS: Cohen Has Been Proven to Be Untrustworthy

Photo source: Wikipedia

Photo source: Wikipedia

Clay Higgins, R-LA, spoke to Chris Cuomo regarding Michael Cohen’s appearance before the House Oversight Committeee

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HIGGINS: There is a Crisis on our Southern Border

Photo source: Wikipedia  

Photo source: Wikipedia  

 “President Trump is right. There is a crisis on our southern border. Tonight, President Trump outlined the facts on our current border situation. Democrats may not accept them, but this is the harsh reality that our border patrol agents and law enforcement officers face daily. If Democrats continue to refuse negotiations, then President Trump should do what is necessary to protect our national security and enforce America’s sovereign borders.”

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HIGGINS: 100% Pro-Life

In a recent email to supporters and constituents, Congressman Clay Higgins highlights the 100% voting record he has in Congress concerning the Right to Life:

As children of God, we are called to protect the most innocent, the unborn. Over the last 22 months, my office has supported and fought for pro-life legislation that includes:

  • H.R. 7, the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act

  • H.R. 36, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

  • H.R. 490, the Heartbeat Protection Act

  • H.R. 4712, the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act

     No American should ever worry that their tax dollars are being used to fund organizations that perform abortions, which is why I have also supported every effort to defund Planned Parenthood and advance pro-life protections. I will continue to support legislative efforts like this in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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HIGGINS: Making Tax Cuts Permanent

Photo source: FreedomWorks

Photo source: FreedomWorks

The following was provided by Congressmen Clay Higgins’ office concerning tax cuts. 

Friends -

I want to give you a quick update on Tax Reform 2.0, which passed through the U.S. House of Representatives last week. This includes three bills that make President Trump's tax cuts permanent, expands savings options for American families, and encourages small business innovation. This is a big win for all Americans.

Since passing historic tax cuts last year, we have seen a reignited American economy, millions of new jobs created, record low unemployment, bonuses, pay increases, and new investments across the country. American workers now keep more of their money, and Tax Reform 2.0 makes those tax cuts permanent.

According to the nonpartisan Tax Foundation, locking in tax cuts for individuals and small businesses will create 1.5 million new jobs, boost wages by 0.9%, and increase long-run GDP growth by 2.2%. We're going to keep growing our economy and producing wins for American workers.

Here are some of the specific changes included in Tax Reform 2.0 that will benefit your family:

Protecting Middle-Class Tax Cuts

  • Makes lower tax rates permanent for individual filers
  • Locks in the enhanced Child Tax Credit
  • Creates a Paid Family Leave Tax Credit

Promoting Family Savings

  • Allows small businesses to join together to create 401(k) plans to their workers
  • Eliminates the age limit on IRA contributions
  • Expands 529 Education savings accounts, allowing them to be used for apprenticeship fees, homeschooling costs, and paying off student debt
  • Allows families to access retirement accounts without penalty when welcoming a new child by birth or adoption
  • Creates a new Universal Savings Account (USA) to offer a flexible savings tool for families to use at any time

Encouraging Small Business Innovation

  • Allows new small businesses to write off more of their initial start-up costs
  • Expands access to research & development credits for start-up businesses

These reforms build on the successes of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act and major regulatory reform that has reignited our economy. We continue to push for conservative, pro-growth policies that create jobs and grow the economy. As Tax Reform 2.0 heads to the Senate, I am hopeful that it will be considered and passed quickly.

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GOP Lawmaker Thinks Congress Should Be Subjected To Random Drug Testing Too

Photo source: Yahoo

Photo source: Yahoo

Rep. Clay Higgins (R-La.) introduced a resolution last week requiring senators and representatives to undergo random drug tests once every term.

“Elected officials in Washington, D.C. should be subject to the same kind of random drug screenings that blue-collar, working-class Americans have to endure,” Higgins said in a statement.

“Congress shouldn’t get to live by a different set of rules,” he said. “This effort is about maintaining accountability and ensuring sober service to We, the People.”

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Attorney General Landry Endorses Congressman Higgins for Re-Election

Photo source: Twitter

Photo source: Twitter

LAFAYETTE, LA - Today, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry is officially endorsing Congressman Clay Higgins for re-election to the United States House of Representatives.

“Congressman Higgins has used his time in office to lower our taxes, protect our nation, and put America first,” said Jeff Landry. “He has worked together with President Trump to achieve positive results for Acadiana families, and I am confident he will continue to fight tirelessly for us.”

“From Abbeville to Crowley and Lake Charles to Morgan City - the people of Southwest Louisiana are hard-working, God-fearing, patriotic Americans just like Clay,” explained Landry. “We are fortunate to have Clay's experience, leadership, and passion as he represents us in Washington.”

“I join President Trump in support of Congressman Higgins” added the Attorney General. “I look forward to casting my ballot to keep Clay in Congress, and I encourage all my neighbors in the Third District to do the same.”

The LAGOP Endorses Clay Higgins for Congress

Photo source: Facebook 

Photo source: Facebook 

The LAGOP Endorses Clay Higgins for CongressThe Executive Committee of the Republican Party of Louisiana, Friday, announced its official endorsement of Clay Higgins for Louisiana's third congressional district.

“No one is more conservative and more reflective of the citizens that live in the third congressional district than Congressman Clay Higgins,” Republican Party of Louisiana Chairman Louis Gurvich said. “President Donald Trump, the Executive Committee of the LAGOP, and I encourage all conservatives in the third congressional district to vote for Clay Higgins in the upcoming midterm election.”

Clay Higgins is a true 'Cajun conservative,' he believes in a strong national defense, and he's working around the clock to make sure that our borders are impenetrable. He also has a no-nonsense attitude towards government waste and unconstitutional federal overreach.

Rep. Higgins is still just as much of the Acadian he was back when he started his first term. Rep. Higgins makes it very clear to anyone he speaks with that he does not take part in the toxic D.C. culture. "I don't live in D.C.," he often proclaims, "I may from time to time sleep in D.C., but I live in Acadiana."

One of Rep. Higgins core beliefs is that he was sent to D.C. to represent his constituents and not special interest lobbyists. Constituents of the third congressional district should feel confident that Rep. Higgins will be one of the few in Congress who are fighting to drain the swamp in D.C. once and for all.

In 1979 Clay Higgins enlisted into the Louisiana National Guard where he reached the rank of Staff Sergeant. Later in life, he became an officer of the law in St. Landry Parish, which is where he became known as 'America's toughest cop, Captain Clay Higgins.' He is a man of service, no doubt about it.

Rep. Higgins' voting record is one of a reliable conservative, he voted to repeal Obamacare, voted for president Trump's tax cuts, and has been a faithful defender of our constitution. So we are encouraging you to join us this midterm election and re-elect Clay Higgins to represent Louisiana's third congressional district.

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Trump Endorses Clay Higgins' Re-election for 3rd Congressional Seat

Photo source: Clay Higgins

Photo source: Clay Higgins

“We are pleased to announce our support for Rep. Clay Higgins in his race for reelection to the 3rd District of Louisiana today following a personal endorsement by President Trump. Clay Higgins is a law and order Congressman who has been a great supporter of President Trump, especially the President’s historic tax cuts that have created new jobs and growth for the people of the 3rd District of Louisiana.”


HIGGINS: The Real Impact of Tax Reform

Photo source: YouTube 

Photo source: YouTube 

 “Mr. Speaker, over the course of the past 500 days, this Congress has worked with President Trump to pass historic tax cuts and regulatory reform. As a result, this is the strongest economy we have seen in two decades. Many of my colleagues across the aisle, whom I respect, continue to posture otherwise, ignoring the facts. They have dismissed our efforts as 'crumbs,' saying that tax cuts are 'Armageddon.' But outside of this Chamber, outside of the small bubble that is D.C., the real America exists and real Americans who get it. People concerned with earning an honest living and providing for their families, because of tax reform, those families are seeing new jobs created. They are seeing real wage growth. They are seeing new investments in their communities.

Mr. Speaker, I travel throughout the district that I represent. I speak directly to the citizens that I serve. In Lafayette, Abbeville, New Iberia, Lake Charles, everywhere we go, there are real people telling real stories about how tax cuts are improving their lives. Americans that I represent, they have shared their stories about how they are using their tax cut to pay bills, to save for retirement, or to buy new school clothes for the kids. Small business owners across South Louisiana have shared how they are expanding operations and investing in their employees. That is the real impact on families in Louisiana and across America.

This body spent months debating the merits of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act. I and many of my colleagues projected more jobs, more investment, and a stronger economy. We were right. Those projections have become reality: nearly three million new jobs since President Trump was elected; one million new jobs since we passed historic tax cuts; unemployment at its lowest point in half a century; consumer confidence at a 17-year high; small business optimism at an all-time high; and real GDP growth projected at over four percent for 2018. Let me share that I have read the Book of Revelation. This is no 'Armageddon.' This is a historically strong economy fueled by tax cuts and regulatory reform. Mr. Speaker, America is back. We are open for business, and Americans will continue to benefit from the pro-growth conservative policies of President Trump and this Republican Congress.”

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Higgins Signs Letter of Support for the Conscience Protection Act (H.R. 644)

Photo source: Catholic League

Photo source: Catholic League

Congressman Clay Higgins - LA 03, has signed off on a letter of support for the Conscience Protection Act (H.R. 644), which would allow unwilling medical professionals to not participate in abortions and forcing them to choose between violating their consciences or being driven from the healing professions. 

A copy of the letter can be found here.

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Congressman Higgins Applauds Expansion of Offshore Drilling

Photo source:  Rep. Clay Higgins

Photo source: Rep. Clay Higgins

“We are working together with President Trump and his administration to deliver an energy policy that places American families and American industry first. Expanding offshore drilling access in the Gulf of Mexico means more jobs and economic growth for South Louisiana. I am committed to unleashing American energy potential and will continue to fight for Louisiana oil and gas jobs.”

Read more: Congressman Higgins Applauds Expansion of Offshore Drilling

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Scott Angelle and His New Job?

Photo source: The Hayride 

Photo source: The Hayride 

It has come to the attention of Cajun Conservatism that the Trump administration is considering the appointment of Scott Angelle to the Dept. of Interior, either at the head of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management or Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement.

This possible position has been reported on in the past several weeks on outlets such as Business Report and LAPolitics and has come with what seems to be the blessing of both Congressman Clay Higgins, who defeated Angelle in a highly contested 3rd Congressional District race this past fall to replace Charles Boustany, and Attorney General Jeff Landry.

This move will push Angelle out of the spotlight in Louisiana politics and into the swamp of DC. The only positive thing that can result from this decision is that Angelle can promote himself as a champion of oil and gas and an ally of the industry in either of these positions and Louisiana can move on without him.

In either case, we, in Louisiana, are better off.

Highlighting Scott Angelle's Desperation

In a desperate attempt to grab onto the seat in the House of Representatives, Louisiana's 3rd District, Scott Angelle has stooped to new lows in attacking Capt. Clay Higgins' family. In a rebuttal, Higgins released the following, which is self explanatory.  


Divorced in 1999, Higgins' ex wife... the mother of his living children... is a highly recognized, skilled paralegal. She was a senior paralegal in the Jindal Administration.

She worked with... and is friends with... Scott Angelle.

Her lawsuit about child support was filed last week, the very day after the November 8th primary.

These reported allegations date back 11 years.

Although an accomplished paralegal, she never pursued civil action until now, 11 years later.

The lawyer who filed the suit is the law partner of Jindal's attorney.

Captain Higgins consistently paid $1289 monthly, plus health insurance, and also assisted with incidental expenses, in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004.

During this time frame, Captain Higgins had 5 employers... yet the Texas State Attorney Generals Office served court ordered child support withholding only one time...the initial filing in 1999.

Every subsequent employer was advised of the withholding at commencement of the new job by Captain Higgins himself.

Captain Higgins moved to St Landry Parish in 2002. In November of 2004, at the conclusion of what was to be his final job in the car business, he changed his life drastically and began his career as a street cop, earning far less money.

Higgins had the child support case moved from Texas to St. Landry Parish whereby a proper review and reassessment of child support amounts would be adjudicated by a Louisiana judge. (According to the Louisiana formula, Captain Higgins child support would have been adjusted to $400 dollars monthly, with credit applied to that amount for health insurance.) This is why payment records in Texas stop early in 2005.

Court documents in St. Landry Parish clearly verify this filing.

His wife, a clever paralegal, maneuvered the case away from St. Landry Parish into EBR Parish, where she had complete control of the case. She immediately had the case filed as "Pass Without Date", meaning it was "shelved" with no review and no new adjudication.

With no resolution, faced with no ability to seek righteous adjudication, Higgins continued to comply with what would have been the Louisiana adjudication. He did so for well beyond the 18th birthday of his 3 living children.

Captain Higgins remains a loving father, and still provides support for 2 of his now adult children.

His 2 younger children were each provided a car during their senior HS year.

His 24 year old son... a street cop... currently lives on his own in Clay's paid for single wide trailer, rent free. The Captain also helps his son with incidental bills.

Clays youngest daughter is a junior in college. Her vehicle note, all maintenance and insurance is handled by the Captain. He also provides extra help for her as he is able.

Captain Higgins has hoped his children would be left out of this campaign.

Scott Angelle remains a career politician.

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