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Response to an Advocate "Letter to the Editor"

Photo source: WGNO

Photo source: WGNO

In regards to The Advocate's recent response to Attorney General Jeff Landry's request for the rule of law regarding the death penalty, I would like to ask the following questions. Does The Advocate not consider the victim of crimes where the death penalty has been ruled? The response to an act so barbaric that necessitates the use of the death penalty is for coddling? When someone commits first degree murder here in the State of Louisiana, the death penalty is a punishment option and is usually reserved for the most heinous acts. But, according the The Advocate and Gov. John Bel Edwards, no effort should be made to hold those that commit these barbaric acts to account.

Also, The Advocate has called Attorney General Landry's attempts to enforce the rule of law as a political ploy. I hold that the Governor's insistence on ensuring that the death penalty not be enforced is the political ploy in this whole saga. If the Governor would make an ample attempt to work with our AG on ensuring that laws are enforced, then this whole issue would be mute. However, this is kowtowing to political liberal interests and his efforts and legitimizing his office at the expense of the citizens of Louisiana.

Louisiana elected what was termed a "conservative" candidate when they voted for JBE. What we are finding out is that he is nothing more than another tax and spend liberal and the Cajun version of Barack Obama.


Proud to see that the senior Senator from our state of Louisiana is continuing to hold account the Obama administration concerning the handling of Hillary Clinton's emails while during her time as Sec. of State.  There is no assurance that as Attorney General that Loretta Lynch will not continue to be a pawn in the Obama administration as, as such, questions should be answered before a full vote is taken on her nomination to that post.  As we have seen for the past 6 years with Eric Holder, the Justice Department is not impartial and is another tool being used by Barack Obama in setting his agenda.

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