Woody Jenkins, Paid Political Hack, Former Democrat and Caldwell Shill

Photo source: CSPAN

Photo source: CSPAN

Woody Jenkins is a paid political operative, former Democratic Party official, failed candidate, and shill for Buddy Caldwell’s distortion campaign.

Jenkins was a decade-long Democrat legislator, who ran unsuccessfully as a Democrat for the U.S. Senate in 1978 and 1980. He conveniently switched parties to run and lose again for U.S. Senate in 1996.  Jenkins was also fined thousands by the Federal Election Commission for concealing $82,500 for a David Duke phone bank. He later lost again at a run for U.S. House of Representatives.

But Woody's epic failures have not deterred him from staying involved in politics. Nope, he is a paid political operative who will run negative campaigns against opponents of his paying clients.

The latest case shows how Jenkins, just like Caldwell, can't leave his Democrat roots.

Woody has launched political propaganda filled with lies and distortions against proven conservative Jeff Landry on behalf on lifelong Democrat Buddy Caldwell.

Jenkins operates what he calls a news service and newspaper, so he can profit from his political attacks.  His "reports" are nothing more than an old-school, good-old-boy, Democrat hit jobs against someone we all know and trust.

Lies like these clearly didn't work for Jenkins in the past and they won't this time either. We've learned about Caldwell's corrupt Buddy System and know it must end. This latest Jenkins smear campaign has us even more energized to back the honest, ethical, and conservative Jeff Landry.

Jeff Landry is a successful attorney who has handled millions of dollars in legal cases.  He has worked in multiple Louisiana court jurisdictions.  And even Mr. Jenkins has been forced to admit, Jeff Landry worked for one of Louisiana’s top law firms.

After Jeff Landry was successfully elected as a Republican to Congress with more than 60% of the vote, taking a seat held by the Democrats, Landry was no longer connected to Galloway, Johnson, Tompkins, Burr & Smith.

Working for Buddy Caldwell, Mr. Jenkins claims that Galloway, Johnson, Tompkins, Burr & Smith worked for the Attorney General’s office starting in March 2011.

In March 2011, Jeff Landry was already making national and state news for his efforts in Congress where he fought Obama’s federal overreach.

Failed Democratic politician Woody Jenkins, like Caldwell, can now claim he is a Republican.

The facts are Mr. Jenkins is a failed Democratic politician just like corrupt Buddy Caldwell.