More Proof of How Hypocritical Jay Dardenne Really Is

Photo source:  John Bel for Obama

Photo source: John Bel for Obama

The RGA Right Direction PAC has released what amounts to a diary of tweets from Jay Dardenne and the Dardenne team during the 2015 Louisiana Governor's election.  As everyone is aware, Lt. Gov. Dardenne has come out in support of the Democratic candidate, John Bel Edwards, following Dardenne's defeat in the primaries.  The tweets show a vastly different story as to the diatribe that Dardenne spewed yesterday when he was fawning over Bel Edwards.  If there is any doubt left as to the total hypocrisy of the Dardenne campaign, it is the list of these tweets that were issued during the primary.

What is the real reason that Dardenne is endorsing the Democratic candidate's run-off against Sen. David Vitter?  Is it a quid-pro-quo or just Dardenne falling back onto his tried and true liberal leanings?  Guess we will see once the runoff is done.

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