"Honor Code" Isn't Even Governor Yet and He's Gone Full Stupid

Photo source: The New Orleans Advocate

Photo source: The New Orleans Advocate

But what can you say from the likes of an Obama-lite Democrat?  In what looks like a stunningly delusional statement, Gov.-Elect "Honor Code" Edwards claims that he has a mandate because of his election last month to the state's highest office and therefore, the serfdom within the Louisiana Legislature must follow his bidding.

Someone should tell Barack Jr. that there are co-equal branches of government in our state and that he is not the king of the Pelican State, as much as he'd like to be like Obama.  Voters did not give him a mandate, but rather, he was chosen as the opposition candidate to Jindal's record and because of the constant barrage of "Honor Code" ethics he spouted and his attempts to keep the focus on Vitter's past.

Someone wake this guy up and tell him he's obviously dreaming the liberal dream.

Posted on December 7, 2015 and filed under John Bel Edwards, Louisiana.