Dear Fellow American,

It’s been many years since my business pursuits first brought me to Louisiana. As I worked with the hard-working people there, I came to have a quiet admiration for their values, their spirit, their grit and determination.

I felt the same way many years later after meeting David Vitter, and helping to see him elected to the United State Senate. I learned that David’s friendly, upbeat demeanor was matched by his firm convictions.

I am writing you today to ask for your support for my good friend David Vitter in his campaign to become Governor of Louisiana.

In the U.S. Senate, David has been an effective leader who has consistently fought for conservative values and the people of Louisiana. His voting record is solidly conservative.

David also knows how to get things done.

I have every confidence that David would be a superb Governor, and help take a state I love to great heights of achievement and progress.

Please help keep Louisiana on the right track. I’m personally asking you to join me in supporting David Vitter as he campaigns for Governor of Louisiana in 2015.



George Bush

Posted on February 26, 2015 .