Republicans have a critical election in Louisiana this year.

I am not talking about the Governor’s race – although that is important.  I am talking about our state’s next Attorney General.

Right now Louisiana has an Attorney General who spent nearly his entire lifetime as a Democrat and only became a Republican for the sole purpose of trying to hold onto his taxpayer-funded job.

He has been called out by news media across our state, including in an investigative report on WWL TV in New Orleans, for unethical practices like giving huge state contracts to his campaign contributors – paying them millions for work that could have been done by his office.

He attacked the oil and gas industry which employs thousands of our neighbors, and he continues to do so by supporting legacy lawsuits that cripple our vital energy lifeline.  

He told a national, liberal blog that Obamacare didn’t go far enough because there was not enough government control.

And our Attorney General, liberal Buddy Caldwell, endorsed Mary Landrieu for re-election last year.

Need I say more?

Simply put, we need a real Republican to serve as Attorney General of Louisiana.

Serving our nation in uniform, I received commendations for my eleven years of service in the Louisiana National Guard. I am an attorney who has worked across our state helping job creators grow Louisiana’s economy. Prior to law school at Loyola, I helped start and run a successful small business – employing people in our state.

I served as a Sheriff’s Deputy and as a Police Officer, in addition to being an attorney, so I understand law enforcement first hand.

Unlike almost everyone in my home Parish, I took a stand when I registered as a Republican at the age of 18.  I believed then, as I believe now, that our Party – the Republican Party – is the Party of freedom, families, conservative values, and economic opportunity.  I served as a Delegate to the Republican State Convention and served on the Platform Committee.  When I saw no one else stepping up, I re-established a Republican Parish Executive Committee. 

When I saw the destructive policies coming from Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi – I decided it was time to step up and serve my nation once again. 

I ran for Congress, won, and defended our values in the United States House of Representatives.

And although my old Congressional District did not survive redistricting when we lost a seat in our state, I proved that speaking out and fighting for what you believe could work in government.

I was named the 4th most conservative Member of the entire U.S. Congress. The national Washington Examiner newspaper called me “the only honest man in Washington” for standing up for our principles.

I fought the oil and gas moratorium that harmed Louisiana’s economy… and I sent the message which is still true today that DRILLING EQUALS JOBS. I truly opposed Obamacare.  And I proved I was a real fiscal conservative by saving hundreds of thousands of dollars from my office budget… and you know what I did… I returned it to the taxpayers.

I declined special Congressional healthcare and retirement benefits.  If you don’t get special benefits as a citizen, I don’t need them as an elected official.

Now I see a need, along with many other strong Republicans, for a new Attorney General here in Louisiana. 

I hope you will join me in this campaign.  I need your support, I need your help, I need your vote, and I need your prayers.

Please learn more about my campaign at

Thousands of Louisiana citizens have already signed up to help – contributing financially to our effort and speaking to their friends about the need for change.

We need a real Republican to serve as Attorney General.  I hope you will stand with me.


Jeff Landry  
Former Member of Congress  
Republican for Attorney General

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New Iberia, LA 70562

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