The following was received in email format regarding fundraising goals that have been reached by the Landry campaign for Louisiana Attorney General.

Last week, we learned more about the Attorney General’s race.

As you may have seen in the news, I raised over $760,000 last year. My campaign ended 2014 with over $1 million in the bank.

My opponent, Mr. Caldwell, raised $39,000 in all of last year. He ended with only $300k in the bank after fundraising for several years.

Why? Because Louisiana citizens want an Attorney General who is ethical, honest, and truly conservative.

People are tired of politicians who have been in office a lifetime and only go with the political winds to stay in office.

I registered as a Republican at the age of 18 because I believe in our Party. I served in Congress because I wanted to stop Obama and Pelosi’s destructive policies. I am pro-life, pro-gun, pro-jobs, and anti-debt.

Mr. Caldwell was a lifelong Democrat who may have changed parties but has not changed who he really is. Last year, Caldwell endorsed Mary Landrieu for re-election. He is part of the old Buddy network in Louisiana. Watch this video to see how Caldwell spends our tax dollars to reward personal backers.

There is a real difference between Caldwell and me. And with this election being so critical for Louisiana, it is incredibly important that I earn your support.

I need your help if we are going to put a real Republican in the Attorney General’s chair. So I am asking for your help in three ways:

Today, please join other Republican leaders in pledging your support here.

Please call me at 337-313-4537 if you have information, an event you want me to attend, or if you have any questions.

And if you can support me financially as well, I will gladly accept your contribution here.  
Whatever you do, please pledge your support today at

Together we will continue to promote strong families, freedom, and economic opportunity in Louisiana.

Jeff Landry  
Your candidate for Attorney General  
Member of Congress, 112th Congress