MarblePort Polling and Ethan Zorfas, general consultant for Bill Cassidy’s Senate campaign, released the following polling report today.  The survey was conducted Monday March 17th, 2015. In total, 1071 interviews among likely voters were completed. The margin of error is +/­‐2.99%.

One of the biggest questions in the poll was for candidate for Louisiana Governor.

The poll highlights the strength of Vitter’s support, which is mainly among Republican voters in the state.  John Bel Edwards is enjoying considerable support in both Democrat and African-American voting areas.  Jay Dardenne’s support mainly comes from within the Baton Rouge area, while Scott Angelle’s support is coming from the heavily Cajun area of the state, Acadiana.

The second part of the poll deals with the political mood within the state.

Voters were also asked which party they trusted more to lead the state legislature.

Jindal’s job performance was questioned, which could possibly be a referendum in the fall election.


Regarding education, Common Core remains wildly unpopular here in the Bayou State.

When asked about the state’s deficit, 66% of voters state that they agree that the state spends too much money on wasteful projects.

Due to the fact that the state is in such a financial bind, many of those polled support a hike in the amount taxed on cigarettes in the state.

The report can be read in entirety here.

Source: MarblePort Polling – Ethan Zorfas