In his recent email, Sen. David Vitter outlined his work in blocking the nomination of Loretta Lynch to Attorney General of the United States in response to the President’s decision to use executive action in regards to immigration.

President Obama’s executive amnesty is clearly illegal. It’s a horrible policy that will only make a desperate situation much worse. Plus, it encourages immigrants to come here illegally by rewarding folks who have already broken our immigration laws.

It’s also clearly beyond his authority under our Constitution. Presidents have the power to fill in details of legislation. That’s completely different from acting contrary to statutory law. But that’s exactly what President Obama is doing – he’s acting contrary to our immigration laws already on the books.

I’m doing everything I can to block his attempts to grant executive amnesty. As a U.S. Senator, one way I can do this is by opposing his nominee to be our Attorney General. President Obama’s nominee, Loretta Lynch, would directly help implement his illegal executive amnesty and give him legal cover to do so. I’m urging my Senate colleagues to oppose her nomination as well.

The Attorney General is the top law enforcement officer of the United States. But the Senate cannot in good conscience confirm a nominee that will serve only as a rubber stamp for the President’s lawless executive amnesty.

Posted on December 12, 2014 .