Dear Fellow Republican,

After two decades of being a Harry Reid-Barack Obama pawn, Mary Landrieu can finally be defeated. But we need your help to bid adieu to Mary Landrieu! 

After serving as your conservative voice in Congress, I now have agreed to chair the Louisiana Republican Party’s Voter Integrity Program. This program has been put together in an effort to prevent voter fraud and guarantee a fair and impartial election on December 6th. 

With the chance to add to our Republican majority in the U.S. Senate, we must protect the integrity of the election by making sure every legally cast vote is counted and not diluted by fraud and negligence. 

From impersonation fraud to duplicate voting to illegal "assistance" at the polls, there are many types of voter fraud. But with your help, we can ensure the security and the integrity of our election process. 

To maintain a fair election– please talk to your family, friends, and neighbors about the importance of voting and please encourage them to join you as a poll watcher on December 6th. 

To join our Voter Integrity Program, please register today at

Registration for the Voter Integrity Program ends at Noon on Wednesday, November 26th. Please sign up today and recruit others to help us ensure the election is free of fraud and corruption. 

Again, you may join our Voter Integrity Program by registering at

Please sign up today and help bid adieu to Mary Landrieu. 


Jeff Landry  
Conservative Republican