We did it.

We just secured Republican victories and won a Senate majority in this historic election — all because of you.

The American people have put their trust in the Republican Party, sending a GOP majority to the U.S. Senate.

I want to congratulate all our candidates tonight — and I want to thank you for putting your trust in our Party and our leaders. Your vote made the difference in this historic election.

Our Party’s principles and message resonated with voters across the country. This was a rejection of President Obama’s failed policies and Harry Reid’s dysfunctional Senate.

We invested early across the country, and were able to provide critical support to our candidates and campaigns. The RNC was involved in communities across this country, building relationships and listening to voters. We built an unprecedented data and digital operation, allowing us to reach voters and equip a winning ground game.

I want to thank you for voting, volunteering and contributing to make this possible.

Republicans have been given the opportunity to lead the country in a better direction — and the Republican House and Senate are ready to listen to the American people. We hope President Obama will too.

It’s time to get to work on creating jobs, expanding American energy development, pursuing real health care reform, reducing spending, and reining in the federal government.

Thanks to you, we are sending a Republican majority to the U.S. Senate.

You have my eternal gratitude,


Posted on November 5, 2014 .