Former Congressman Jeff Landry reported in an email press release that he has outpaced Buddy Caldwell in fundraising since announcing his candidacy for the Louisiana Attorney General's position.  Landry has out-raised Caldwell 3-1 since making his announcement and has now reported $1.3 million dollars in the bank as opposed to Caldwell's $617,000.

As outlined in his email release Landry stated the following as reasons for the numbers he's achieved in fundraising:

We have an Attorney General who told us he wanted to change from being a lifelong Democrat to becoming a Republican. We believed Buddy Caldwell. But what did he do?

Caldwell supported Mary Landrieu for re-election last year. The same Mary Landrieu who voted for taxpayer funded abortions and who was opposed by the NRA.

Our current Attorney General ran for office claiming he would be ethical.

However, we learned a Legislative Audit found Caldwell spent taxpayer money on personal clothes and golf outings. Just this week, another article came out noting Buddy Caldwell has given out more than $13,000,000 in no-bid state contracts to outside attorneys who are directly connected to his political campaign, including his former campaign manager and numerous donors.

Posted on April 29, 2015 and filed under Louisiana.