RELEASE: New Vitter Plan Chapter Released on Fighting Political Corruption


The following email press release was issued today from Senator David Vitter's office.

For Immediate Release

Contact: Luke Bolar

May 12, 2015



 New Vitter Plan Chapter Released on Fighting Political Corruption

New Chapter of Vitter’s plan is called “Reforming Government, Rooting Out Corruption And Cronyism”


METAIRIE, LA. – David Vitter (R-LA) today released his proposals to root out government corruption and cronyism as part of his plan, “Together, Louisiana Strong: Our blueprint for building a brighter future.” Chapter 5 of the Vitter plan is called “Reforming Government, Rooting Out Corruption And Cronyism.”

 You can read Vitter’s plan to fight political corruption here.

“Criminal investigations, sweetheart deals, ethics violations…reading the newspaper some days, you'd think Huey Long was alive and well,” Vitter said. “I’ve always gone against the good ole boy system in Louisiana and I’ll have a zero tolerance policy towards corruption and cronyism.  Because if we don't fight, our children won't enjoy the kind of job opportunities and efficient government they deserve.”

In Chapter 5 of “Together, Louisiana Strong,” Vitter details how he will work to root out the good ole boy system of doing business. He’ll work to abolish or reform the LSU version of Tulane legislative scholarships which are lucrative scholarships given out by public higher education board members, often to the politically connected. He’ll also work to increase ethics auditing and enforcement and end abuses like double-dipping. 

Vitter also highlighted the “Vitter Record,” like how he authored and passed term limits for the Louisiana Legislature and authored the leading bill to place term limits on Congress. One of Vitter’s hallmark efforts is his fight to end the Washington Exemption from Obamacare so that all Members of Congress, congressional staff, the President, Vice-President, and all political appointees purchase their health insurance on the Obamacare Exchange with no special taxpayer-funded subsidies.

Vitter’s plan is focused on facing Louisiana’s enormous challenges head on—with strong leadership and real solutions— and taking advantage of historic opportunities and make great gains.

See the first four chapters of Together, Louisiana Strong here.

In addition to “Reforming Government, Rooting Out Corruption And Cronyism,” Vitter has already released the following four chapters of the plan. 

Vitter has compiled his plan by meeting with Louisianians of all walks of life and by listening to their ideas for building a brighter future. Vitter has held 382 Town Hall Meetings and 205 Telephone Town Halls. As a candidate for Governor, Vitter has held 12 Leadership Forums on the key challenges we face as a state specifically to develop this blueprint, with dozens of informal meetings and conference calls in addition.

Vitter will be releasing additional chapters as they’re added in the next several weeks. 

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