John Kennedy: Time to Stop Out of State Consultant Fees

In a recent piece written by Treasury Sec. John Kennedy, Louisiana can quit whining about the financial state of affairs by cutting back on out of state consultant fees.  In what is just a few instances of these fees, Kennedy provides the following:

  • Contract #734975: "Monitoring the Louisiana Black Bear Population: Continued Health Of The Population, Monitoring Adult Female Survival & Continue Hair-Snare Work In The Texas & Upper Atchafalaya Population;" University of Tennessee; $189,750.
  • Contract #716789: "Effects Of Predation On White-Tailed Deer Recruitment On The Tensas National Wildlife Refuge In North-Eastern LA;" University of Georgia; $315,010.
  • Contract #718119: "Describe The Reproductive Biology Feeding Ecology Of Yellowfin Tuna In The Northern Gulf Of Mexico And Assess Genetic Stock Structure Of Yellowfin Tuna And Connectivity Between The Gulf And Other Regional Stocks In The Atlantic Basin;" The University of Southern Mississippi; $546,845.
  • Contract #717427: "Research On The Effects Of The Macondo Oil Spill On Coastal Ecosystems;" University of Tennessee; $551,797.
  • Contract #734837: "To Complete Planning, Webinars, And Face To Face Training To Improve Supported Employment Services Provided To VR Consumers With The Most Significant Disabilities;" University of Arkansas, $42,500.
  • Contract #728593: "Complete Broad Survey To Document Current Distribution Of The Big Brown Bats;" Texas Tech University, $74,129.
  • Contract #714507: "Research On The Effects Of The Macondo Oil Spill;" Rutgers University, $413,357.
  • Contract #730926: "Provide Assistance In Developing And Executing A Strategic Marketing And Communication Program For Louisiana Department of Economic Development;" $3.4 million.

The rest of the piece can be read here.

Source: Our universities are paying the price for our extravagance

Posted on May 15, 2015 and filed under Louisiana.