GIL: Louisiana Republicans Need a Real Republican for AG

Photo source: Facebook

Photo source: Facebook

Republican Friends,

As a member of the Louisiana Republican State Central Committee I was disappointed to receive an email from Marty Maley asking for Republican support for the office of Attorney General.  

Marty Maley has spent most of his life supporting Democrats.  Until recently he was a registered Democrat.

That is just like our current AG, Buddy Caldwell, who has done the same thing.  Both registered as Republicans just to try and win or keep this office.

Just look at Marty Maley's personal donations to Democrats and they are not even all in Louisiana:


06/25/2007 300.00 07/23/2007 1000.00 02/11/2008 1000.00 03/08/2010 1000.000 6/16/2011 900.00

(That's close to $4000 Maley gave to the Louisiana Democratic Party alone.)


-        10/26/2006 500.00


11/26/2004 2000.00 03/31/2005 500.00 07/18/2005 250.00 08/18/2005 500.00 04/12/2006 500.00 06/30/2006 350.00 06/30/2006 650.00 11/30/2006 500.00 02/26/2007 1000.00 03/30/2009 1000.00 04/14/2010 200.00 06/02/2010 500.00


06/20/2006 200.00  02/12/2008 200.00


04/18/2008 250.00 10/20/2008 250.00


10/30/2006 250.00


06/30/2008 1000.00 10/20/2008 250.00 11/21/2008 1000.00


02/25/2011 250.00 10/27/2014 500.00

Voter registration records indicate Martin "Marty" Maley only switched from being a Democrat on May 23, 2013.  Let me tell you – that was not the day he turned 18... or even 30 years old.  Marty only became a Republican just before he started running for Attorney General.

We do not need another Democrat in sheep's clothing in a statewide office.

We are already trying to fix one problem in replacing Buddy Caldwell. 

Lifelong Democrat Buddy Caldwell only switched Republican to save his public, taxpayer-funded, job.

Remember this is the same Buddy Caldwell who twice announced how great Mary Landrieu was in offering his support.  First pretending he was Elvis ( and then AGAIN in the runoff.  

That's right, Caldwell supported Landrieu AGAIN in the runoff speaking before the Legislative Black Caucus at their fundraising event: – watch the video starting at about 9 minutes to see Caldwell praising Landrieu for having done a good job.  He also praises Democrat Cedric Richmond.  He adds that he got in a little heat for singing his love to Mary Landrieu but said he didn't care.  Caldwell also endorsed Landrieu in 2008.

Buddy Caldwell apparently was also in Denver, Colorado celebrating Barack Obama's nomination for President at the 2008 Democratic National Convention, even putting a Louisiana spin on an event held at a Louisiana themed cafe.  (see paragraph 2 as he glad-handed fellow Democrats)  

None of this should be surprising as the Louisiana Democrat Party's spokesman said this of Buddy Caldwell:  "In his heart, Buddy Caldwell is a Democrat," said Kevin Franck, "and whichever way the political winds blow he'll always be a Democrat."  (Lafayette Independent newspaper, Feb. 2011).

Just like Marty Maley, Buddy Caldwell is not a true Republican.

That is why so many of us are supporting lifelong Republican Jeff Landry for Attorney General.  

He is a proven conservative who has consistently been pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, pro-freedom and a fiscal conservative.  Jeff not only served Louisiana in Congress (having been rated the 4th most conservative in the whole country), he also served as a Sheriff's Deputy, as a police officer, and decorated veteran.  

Jeff also has been a volunteer for his own local Republican Parish Executive Committee, served on the Louisiana Republican platform committee many years ago, and last year he served the LA GOP as our statewide voter integrity leader.

If someone is going to say they are a Republican – let's make sure they really are a Republican.  Let's ensure the public knows.

I have endorsed Jeff.  I encourage you to endorse Jeff too.  You can do it online here:  or you can fax him a written endorsement here:  337-313-4537.

Let's get behind Jeff.  Please join in endorsing him today.

Christian Gil
Member, Republican State Central Committee

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