The Latest MarblePort / The Hayride, Scott McKay Statewide Election Survey

Photo source:  Stateside Associates

Photo source: Stateside Associates

Several interesting items come up in the latest survey done by MarblePort / The Hayride, Scott McKay.  The first being a head to head match-up for President in the State of Louisiana between Bobby Jindal and Hillary Clinton:

Clinton 44.5%
Jindal 42%
Undecided 13.5%

The second part of the survey was in regards to election for Governor with a hypothetical candidate, Russell Honore', in the race.

Governor’s Ballot Without Honore:

Vitter 34.1%
Edwards 28.8%
Angelle 11.1%
Dardenne 10.4%
Undecided 15.6%

Governors Ballot With Honore:

Vitter 32.7%
Edwards 26.5%
Angelle 10.1%
Dardenne 9.5%
Honore 7.9%
Undecided 13.3%

With Vitter as the front runner, head to head contests with each candidate.

Vitter (49.6) vs Edwards (37.5) Undecided (12.9)
Vitter (51.8) vs Dardenne (32.3) Undecided (15.9)
Vitter (49.2) vs Angelle (30.7) Undecided (20.1)
Vitter (54.3) vs Honore (28.5) Undecided (17.2)

The survey also shows what a liability that Jindal has on incumbents in the fall elections.

Only 42.2% said they will vote for a generic Republican candidate in their State legislative district this fall. 32.9% said they will support a generic Democrat.

Baton Rouge Mayor Kip Holden remains in the lead in the race for Lt. Governor.

Holden 28.5%
Nungesser 19.3%
Young 17.9%
Guillory 5%
Undecided 29.3%

The race for Attorney General has incumbent Buddy Caldwell in the lead with the yet to announce candidate, Jacques Roy of Alexandria, polling in second.

Caldwell 26.7%
Roy 23.7%
Landry 20.8%
Undecided 28.8%

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