Vitter Releases Chapter on Supporting Louisiana’s Farmers and Fishermen


Vitter Releases Chapter on Supporting Louisiana’s Farmers and Fishermen

METAIRIE, LA. – David Vitter (R-LA) today released his proposals to support Louisiana’s farmers and fishermen. Chapter 8 of the Vitter plan is entitled “Supporting Our Farmers and Fishermen.”

Read Chapter 8 of Vitter’s Plan here.

“We all know how key our farmers and fishermen are. Not just to Louisiana’s economy, but to our very way of life,” said Vitter. “I’ll always fight to empower them so they can succeed and prosper. As our governor, I’m committed to doing a number of things like enhancing state-based efforts that help farmers improve efficiency and reducing the burden of compliance with federal regulations.”

In Chapter 8 of “Together, Louisiana Strong,” Vitter details how he’ll work to support LSU Ag Center, other universities, and extension agents that deliver assistance effectively to farmers and fishermen, and ensure that those producers benefit from this state-of-the-art research into best practices and new technology.

The new chapter also highlights the “Vitter Record,” including how he has been an aggressive advocate for Louisiana’s farmers and fisherman.

You can read all eight chapters of Together, Louisiana Strong here.

In addition to this new agriculture and seafood chapter, he has already released the following seven:

·       Keeping in Touch

·       Stabilizing The Budget Through Spending & Tax Reform

·       Dramatically Improving Education for All Our Children

·       Building World Class Infrastructure to Relieve Traffic Congestion and Grow Jobs

·       Reforming Government, Rooting Out Corruption And Cronyism

·       Improving our Public-Private Hospital Partnerships, Reforming Medicaid

·       Restoring Our Coast, Protecting Our People


Vitter has compiled his plan by meeting with Louisianians of all walks of life and by listening to their ideas for building a brighter future. Vitter has held 382 Town Hall Meetings and 205 Telephone Town Halls. As a candidate for Governor, Vitter has held 12 Leadership Forums on the key challenges we face as a state specifically to develop this blueprint, with dozens of informal meetings and conference calls in addition.

Vitter will be releasing additional chapters as they’re added in the next several weeks

Posted on June 2, 2015 and filed under David Vitter, Louisiana.