Statements Begin Pouring In Regarding Lafayette Theater Shooting

Louisiana leaders begin issuing statements on Twitter shortly after the shooting that took place in Lafayette, LA last night in The Grand Theater.  Below are statements from Jeff Landry, candidate for Louisiana Attorney General, Sen. David Vitter, Louisiana gubernatorial candidate and John Fleming, Congressmen from Louisiana.

Additionally, the star of the movie that was being shown in the theater where this tragedy occurred, Amy Schumer, posted a tweet after this incident and offered condolences and prayers.

However, it didn't take longs for the lunatics on the left to begin to use this as a cause-celebrity and start pushing for their favorite agenda, gun control.  The trolls usually come out shortly after an incident of this nature.

Now is not the to politicize this tragedy.  And now is not the time for the federal government to intervene.  We in Louisiana can take care of our own and we will get through this together.

Posted on July 24, 2015 and filed under Louisiana.