Iberia Parish is Wasting Money at a Staggering Rate

Photo Source: Cajun RVera Facebook

Photo Source: Cajun RVera Facebook

The money dump that has become known as Cajun RVera in Iberia Parish is not living up to the hype that the Parish Councilmen promised when they decided to dedicate public funds into a business venture.  A recent piece on The Daily Iberian has come out stating that the park is falling $400K short of the estimates by the parish.

Many, with any semblance of sensibility here in Iberia Parish, have questioned why these councilmen decided to use taxpayer funds into this endeavor.  Now, these great minds in the Parish have decided to increase property taxes on the taxpayers to the tune of 28% in the upcoming year.  Could all of this be coincidental or just a way to cover the perpetual hole that this park is turning in to?

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Posted on July 6, 2015 and filed under Iberia Parish, Louisiana.