These are Desperate Times for Louisiana Democrats

In what can only be called a sign of desperation and viewed as grasping for straws, the head of the Louisiana Democratic Party, Karen Carter Peterson, used a satirical website in order to promote a false story concerning Gov. Bobby Jindal.  In her defense, she claimed she knew it was satirical all along, but nonetheless, this made her and the Party look foolish.

Jason Dore' with the Louisiana Republican Party had this to say about the fiasco in an email last night:

"It's a good day in Louisiana if the Democrats are focused on anything other than trying to keep children trapped in failing schools.  That seems to be their mission, so if they want to waste more time attacking Republicans for things we didn't do and for saying things we didn't say, that's fine. A brief look at Louisiana's political environment shows that the voters aren't buying what they're selling any more,"

Not to be outdone, one of the stars in the Democratic Party in Louisiana, Ted James, picked up on this same piece and ran with it later in the evening.  He's since deleted it off of his Twitter page, but with the power of screen shots, it has managed to be captured.  Scott McKay of The Hayride has written a piece on this issue, which can be found here.

Photo source: The Hayride

Photo source: The Hayride

Folks, this is what it looks like when a political party is in the death throws in the State of Louisiana.  After losing their brightest star, Mary Landrieu, in the last election, the Democrats are desperate for anything to stick against the wall.  Bobby Jindal can be criticized for plenty of things, but this is just ridiculous.

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Posted on July 9, 2015 and filed under Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, Democrats.