Vitter Campaign Refute Recent Polling Numbers

In an email over the past weekend, David Vitter's campaign refuted recent polling numbers released by Verne Kennedy regarding the pending Governor's race here in Louisiana.  In that poll, Kennedy asserts that Vitter's lead in the race has been shrinking.

Three points were made in the email and they are as follows: 

1) Verne Kennedy’s polls are from a different planet.

In our last race, Kennedy had a guy named Chet Traylor almost even with David in the GOP primary at 46-34 percent. David beat him by 80 points: 88 – 7!!! Kennedy’s poll was wrong by more than 40 points.

In Rep. Cedric Richmond’s (D-New Orleans) most recent competitive race, Verne Kennedy had Rep. Joseph Cao (R-New Orleans) beating him 51-26 in the 2nd Congressional District. Richmond won 65-33. Kennedy was wrong again by 40 points.

In the 2010 New Orleans Mayor’s race, Verne Kennedy had Mitch Landrieu vulnerable, only getting 37 percent. Landrieu ended up beating his opponents with 66 percent. Kennedy was off by more than 30 points in this race.

2) Verne Kennedy has polled our gubernatorial race three times – May, June and July. In between the May and June poll, Scott Angelle spent more than a half million dollars on TV commercials. According to Kennedy’s polling, from May to June, Scott Angelle dropped 3 points during this period, from 18% to 15%. Between Verne’s June and July survey, Angelle only spent a fraction of what he previously spent, yet his numbers magically increased by a whopping 10 points, from 15% to 25%. Confused? We are too.

3) Two independent polls came out at the same time showing David Vitter ahead of the two other Republicans in the race by 20 points or more. Those two polls not only track with our numbers, they are consistent with all other public polling.

Needless say, there are two more months left in this race, so things are really going to start heating up.

Posted on August 10, 2015 and filed under David Vitter.