Jeff Landry Endorsed by Rob Maness and GatorPAC

Photo source: NOLA  

Photo source: NOLA  

BATON ROUGE, LA - At a press conference this morning in front of the Pentagon Barracks, Colonel Rob Maness (retired) - GatorPAC founder and a former Republican U.S. Senate Candidate who earned more than 200,000 votes - endorsed Jeff Landry for Attorney General. 

"The Attorney General race is an opportunity to elect a proven conservative Republican to fight continued Federal overreach, protect religious liberty, and fight corruption in statewide politics," said Maness. "I endorse and GatorPAC endorses Jeff Landry for Louisiana Attorney General."

Highlighting Landry's record of military service, law enforcement experience, and his conservative voting record in Congress - Maness continued, "I know Jeff will aggressively take on the big issues that affect Louisiana."

In accepting the endorsements, Landry declared: "I am humbled to have the support of Colonel Maness. Like him, I am not a politician.; rather, I am a husband and father who started a successful small business in the oil and gas industry. I am attorney who worked for one of Louisiana’s top 10 law firms. I see the destruction liberal policies have on our country, and I am running to fight back."

"While Colonel Maness and I stood together to oppose Mary Landrieu, Buddy Caldwell twice offered his support to her last year... even in the runoff," added Landry. "No conservative would do that. No Republican would do that. No one who is truly pro-life or pro-second amendment would do that."

"The purpose of GatorPAC is to keep the grassroots army we built during my 2014 U.S. Senate campaign engaged and to build upon that base. We look forward to mobilizing our troops to support Jeff Landry’s campaign for Attorney General," concluded Maness. 

Posted on September 1, 2015 and filed under Louisiana, Jeff Landry.