University of Louisiana at Lafayette College Republicans Endorse Jeff Landry for Louisianas next Attorney General

Photo source: Facebook

Photo source: Facebook

The following press release was issued by the UL College Republicans on Tuesday regarding Landry's bid to unseat Buddy Caldwell in the race for Louisiana Attorney General.

LAFAYETTE – Today, the University of Louisiana at Lafayette College Republicans announced their endorsement of Jeff Landry for Louisiana’s next Attorney General. The announcement comes ahead of the October 24th elections and shows a growing trend in millennial support for Landry’s campaign. UL Lafayette joins LSU College Republicans and the Louisiana Young Republican Federation in endorsing Jeff Landry’s bid for AG.

Louisiana is often ranked at the bottom of a lot of rankings in the nation. Louisiana currently has the second worst legal environment in the country (source: institute for legal reform Sept, 10, 2015). Furthermore, Louisiana’s economy is not attracting as many jobs as expected in 2015. It could be argued that the two are part and parcel of one another. ULL College Republicans President Graham Beduze said, “Louisiana’s legal climate is hostile to job creators and as a result Louisiana isn’t seeing enough economic growth to be an attractive option for our graduates. We are unfortunately losing graduates to Texas and other states. We need do all we can to keep our bright minds and the future of Louisiana here at home.”

Louisiana needs an Attorney General who recognizes this and has the right experience to turn things around. Jeff Landry has been a corporate attorney for over a decade, has created hundreds of jobs as a small business owner, and has a unique understanding of the law from his experience as a lawmaker. Beduze continued, “We need to create opportunity for economic growth and job creation in Louisiana. We can accomplish that by cleaning up the legal environment here at home thus encouraging businesses to come to Louisiana and put people back to work. Jeff Landry is uniquely qualified to help us do just that.”

In receiving the endorsement, Jeff Landry said: “I am honored to have the support of the College Republicans at my Alma Mater. The support of young voters who recognize the untapped potential of our state is humbling. In Louisiana, and particularly in Acadiana, we know the power of an unbridled entrepreneurial spirit. We have seen Lafayette transform over time as a model for growth, but we must allow for that same growth across the state. That takes a combined effort. I hope the voters will join me in fighting for our Louisiana. Louisiana is a good state, let’s make it great!”

Landry’s other endorsements include the Republican Party of Louisiana, Pro-Life Family Research Council Action, Gun Owners of America, Gator PAC, The Washington Parish Republican Party, Congressmen Fleming and Scalise, the Louisiana Young Republican Federation, and the College Republicans at Louisiana State University.

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