Louisiana Political Ad Reviews

Photo source: KTBS.com

Photo source: KTBS.com

We’ve been monitoring the political ads on TV this cycle. We may not have seen them all, but here’s a quick synopsis with letter grades.

Jeff Landry, candidate for Attorney General. His ad shows him as the true conservative in the race. We give him an “A.”

Buddy Caldwell, candidate for AG. Caldwell is running a misleading attack on Landry and deflecting the fact that he is a longtime Democrat.  We give him a “D” (for Democrat).

John Young, candidate for Lt. Governor.  His ad is a biographical spot touting himself as a conservative. It’s a fine no-frills spot, but didn’t wow us either. Grade: “A-.”

David Vitter, candidate for Governor. He has 3 ads on the air. He’s airing attacks on his GOP opponents Scott Angelle and Jay Dardenne for being liberal. Both ads get an “A+.” He’s also running a sport about a plan to reform welfare. Great issue, solid ad; we give it a “B+.”

The Fund for Louisiana’s Future, a Super PAC supporting Vitter. They have two ads. One is hitting Angelle and Dardenne for use of state cars. That ad gets a “B-." Their other ad is hitting Angelle for his negligence on the Bayou Corne Sinkhole and for quitting right after. This ad gets an “A+," although we are still not sure if the ad is running in Baton Rouge which is literally 30 miles from Bayou Corne.

Jay Dardenne, candidate for Governor. He has two ads. One is a weird bobble head version of Dardenne on a fake stage. We don’t get the point of this ad, and gave it a “C.” His other ad is just his wife Cathy talking about Dardenne. It’s too boring to give anything more than a “C.”

Scott Angelle, candidate for Governor. He was running a biographical type spot, however he’s swapped it out to defend himself against Vitter and the Fund for Louisiana’s Future ads. His ad tries to discredit the attacks against him and then attacks Vitter. There are too many issues in the ad, and hard to follow. We give it a “B-.”

Louisiana Rising, Super PAC supporting Angelle.They are attacking Vitter for switching positions on Common Core. CajunConservatism.com has long been opposed to Common Core, and we were upset when Vitter initially said he supported Common Core. But, he’s right on the issue today, so a switch really doesn’t matter. We give their ad a “B+.”

The Louisiana Water Coalition, Super PAC opposing Vitter. They are running slash and burn attack ads against Vitter for his past. Their ads may have some impact, but it’s pure garbage and equally disturbing because they are completely funded by one law firm and they are accountable to no one. They get an “F.”

John Bel Edwards, Candidate for Governor. Edwards ad is good, and makes him look likable to conservatives. There is one BIG problem – he is not. He gets a “D” (for Democrat).

John Kennedy, Candidate Treasurer. The Kennedy ad is a great biography spot making him very likable, and not your typical politician. The strategy to spend his state money this year building his positives is a smart strategy. "A+"

Jim Donelon, Candidate for Insurance Commissioner. Donelon's ad is boring and not memorable. "D"

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