Mike Francis Leads in Latest Poll for Public Service Commission Seat

Photo source: The Jena Times

Photo source: The Jena Times

The latest JMC Analytics Poll, paid for by the Mike Francis campaign, shows him with a lead in the race.  The summary points of the race are below:


  • In PSC District 4, Donald Trump has a nearly 2:1 lead over Hillary Clinton, with 82-7% Republican support, while blacks support Clinton 75-13%;
  • For the first time since JMC Analytics started polling this race in July, Mike Francis has moved into first place over Werner with a 25-23% lead. If undecided “leaners” are included, his lead over Werner widens to 10 points (39-29%);
  • For the three months that JMC Analytics and Polling has polled this race, Reldon Owens has only moved up two points, while Mike Francis has more than doubled his support;
  • In a hypothetical runoff matchup, Mike Francis has a nearly 2:1 (51-29%) lead over Mary Werner, while Owens only has an eight point (39-31%) lead over Werner;
  • Even though Reldon Owens has touted endorsements from the Republican establishment, rank and file Republican voters have different ideas: Francis has a 37-6% lead over Owens among Republicans (58-13% if undecided "leaners" are included);  In summary, Mike Francis is positioned for a strong finish on November 8.

The results of the poll can be found here.

Posted on October 26, 2016 and filed under Louisiana.