Photo source: LAGOP

Photo source: LAGOP

As the voters overwhelmingly confirmed on November 8th – and reaffirmed on Saturday, Louisiana is a solidly Republican state. The overwhelming success enjoyed by Republicans in the runoff – spearheaded by John Kennedy’s election to the United States Senate, affirmatively shows that President-Elect Donald J. Trump’s twenty-point victory over Hillary Clinton in Louisiana was no fluke. The last month has proved that John Bel Edwards’ victory in 2015 was the fluke. The people of Louisiana have entrusted Republicans with their most important offices in almost every single major election since 2007. Here are some key takeaways from our overwhelming victories on Saturday:




The LAGOP’s policies and our efforts to get out the vote are both winning. The LAGOP proudly worked hand-in-hand with the National Republican Senatorial Committee and the Republican National Committee to build an unprecedented ground game and field operation.


During the runoff election alone:


·Republicans made more than 600,000 voter contacts by reaching voters through live phone calls and at their door;

·Republicans mailed nearly 1 million pieces of mail.


As the NRSC, RNC and LAGOP were busy setting up ten field offices across our state and assembling nearly 100 field staffers, the Democrats were busy dodging questions on the Louisiana Senate race. While the NRSC and RNC were eager to ensure that the Republicans won a 52nd Senate seat, the national Democrats were already on holiday vacation.


The National Democrats’ disregard for Louisiana would be embarrassing if it were not so emblematic of the Louisiana Democrat Party’s prospects for the future. The way national Democrats abandoned Foster Campbell is in stark contrast to the devotion and the commitment of national Republicans. As such, John Bel Edwards and the Louisiana Democrats now face a stark and devastating question: if their national counterparts won’t even buy into their agenda and leadership, why will Louisiana voters, now that they have seen the effects of just one year of John Bel Edwards?




President-Elect Donald Trump and Vice President-Elect Mike Pence – who headlined two rallies for our candidates in as many weeks, had a tremendous impact on our success in the runoff because the voters of this state want conservative warriors to join them in Making America Great Again.


The same experts who predicted the demise of the Republican Party and the Republican brand this year now have a responsibility to acknowledge that the American people are clearly ready—and have voted—for conservative, Republican leadership.




According to Google, "In sports, having a deep bench means having a large number of very talented players." At first glance, it's hard to even see a bench for Louisiana Democrats except for the one at the bus stop near their "Government Street" headquarters. "Rising stars" such as Caroline Fayard and Stephen Ortego have been rejected by Louisiana voters. The national Democrat Party has the same problem: Their early 2020 presidential bench consists of Joe Biden, Tim Kaine and some guy named "Castro."





Democrats like Foster Campbell didn’t just lose Saturday because of the D beside their name – they lost because of their toxic ties to John Bel Edwards’ failed liberal policies. John Bel Edwards could not have been more effusive in his endorsement of his friend Foster Campbell, and loaned his entire campaign team to the losing effort. Campbell’s lopsided loss and anemic showing is even more evidence that John Bel Edwards’ election was the fluke—a mere blip on the radar of Republican dominance in Louisiana.


In November and on Saturday, Louisiana voters could not have made it more clear that they resoundingly reject John Bel Edwards’ reckless fiscal policies, tax hikes and incessant desire to raid the pockets of hardworking Louisianans instead of addressing the real problems. In November, his candidate for public service commissioner failed to even force a runoff. On Saturday, his endorsed federal candidates failed to crack 40 percent of the vote. As Edwards went 0 for 4 in multi-parish races this fall, it is evident that his endorsement will only further motivate voters to vote against his failed agenda. John Bel Edwards’ days are numbered in the Governor’s office, and state Democrats will soon be running from Edwards’ coattails, not riding on them.


The Republican Party of Louisiana, therefore, strongly encourages the Governor to make even more endorsements in 2017, and beyond.

Jason Doré  - LAGOP

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