Louisiana Family Forum Urges Citizens to Petition Governor and Attorney General Regarding Restroom Issue

Photo source: Protect Louisiana Children

Photo source: Protect Louisiana Children

As per the email sent out to their supporters this afternoon, the Louisiana Family Forum urges citizens to take part in a petition to Gov. Edwards and AG Landry over the Obama administration's decision to implement radical changes regarding gender issues within the state of Louisiana:

If you thought the Obama administration would gently ride off into the sunset, think again.

The Departments of Justice and Education are once again exceeding their lawful authority by sending a letter to every public school district in America threatening loss of federal aid if local districts do not adopt genderless bathroom policies, which would allow self-identified transgendered students to use facilities such as restrooms, showers, and locker rooms of the opposite biological sex. Under the farce of "protecting students from discrimination," these federal bullies have painted a bulls-eye on little girls and boys.

If Louisiana does not speak up now, there's no limit to what the President will do next. Please join LFF in signing the petition below urging Governor Edwards and Attorney General Jeff Landry to protect the safety of Louisiana children. 11,000 have signed the petition so far. Let your voice be heard today! SIGN NOW and forward to your friends!