Louisiana Family Forum: Edwards' Tax Gets Second Shot!

Photo source: Louisiana Family Forum

Photo source: Louisiana Family Forum

From LFF 60-Second Brigade Alert System
June 2016

Last week, the The House Ways and Means Committee voted 11-10 to stop a key aspect of the Edwards' tax plan.

On Wednesday, the committee will again vote on an identical measure, HB38 by Rep. Malinda White (D) of Bogalusa.

The fiscal note on the bill indicates it would cost taxpayers $643 million over 5 years.

The Agenda indicates the measure is "Subject to Rules Suspension."  This should indicate that a 2/3 majority of House members present must vote for suspending the rules in order to consider this new tax proposal.

It's no secret that the Governor has been individually lobbying members of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, trying to persuade them to flip favorable on their vote.

If you think $643 million in new taxes on the shoulders of middle Louisiana is too much, then now is the time to speak up. HB38 is a short bill, so read it carefully.

Here's what it does: HB38 empowers the state to eliminate a percentage of federal itemized deductions from individual state taxes. The deductions that would be dramatically reduced include:

  • Federal Taxes Paid,
  • Medical Expenses,
  • Charitable Donations, and
  • Mortage Interest.

Contact House members of the Ways and Means Committee here and express your concern!.