LAGOP Issues Statement on the Resignation of Sen. Troy Brown

Photo source: The Advocate  

Photo source: The Advocate  

Today, Senator Troy Brown resigned from the Louisiana Senate, avoiding expulsion from the body. His resignation is something that leaders of the Republican Party of Louisiana have called for since his first arrest for domestic violence over a year ago.

In bipartisan fashion, the Louisiana Senate was prepared to expel Mr. Brown. Seeing the writing on the wall, he chose to resign.

While announcing his resignation, Mr. Brown stated that he was doing so “with the sincerest hopes of sparing its precious body [the Louisiana Senate] any further embarrassment.” His refusal to resign when called upon by members of both parties caused a great deal of embarrassment to his district and became a stain on the dignity of the body to which he was elected.

“We welcome the resignation of Troy Brown from the Louisiana Senate," said LAGOP Executive Director Jason Doré. “His resignation should have come sooner, but we’re glad that he finally saw that his actions were not to be tolerated by the Louisiana Legislature. We hope that he comes to recognize that his acts of violence are unbefitting the conduct expected of a senator and that his behavior was not in standing with Louisiana values.”

Doré went on to say that, "Domestic Violence is a serious issue, and while Mr. Brown’s assault charges may have been classified as a misdemeanor, the actions of Mr. Brown are categorically opposite the gentlemanly behavior we as a society expect from those who represent our state.”

We look forward to seeing the seat vacated by Mr. Brown occupied by an individual who will take the responsibilities of the office seriously, live up to the moral expectations of Louisianians, and, regardless of party affiliation, be an individual who places the interests of his or her constituents over their own personal desires.


Posted on February 17, 2017 and filed under Louisiana, Democrats.