AG Landry Supports Ending Obama Illegal Immigration Program


Louisiana Citizens for Job Creators commends Attorney General Jeff Landry for his continued strong support for President Donald Trump's decision to end President Obama’s DACA illegal immigration program. Despite not having Congressional authorization, the program allows for hundreds of thousands of undocumented illegal immigrants to remain in the country.  AG Landry’s support for ending the Obama era program will mean hundreds of thousands of jobs for Americans.

“This executive amnesty was another example of the Obama Administration bypassing Congress to advance its radical agenda." Landry continued, “As I have often said, the Executive Branch cannot simply sidestep the people’s elected representatives in the Legislative Branch. I am glad President Trump is defending the separation of powers, preserving the rule of law, and ending the unconstitutional DACA program.”

We commend AG Landry for his early leadership and opposition to the DACA program.On June 29, AG Landry led 10 other state attorney generals and sent a letter to President Trump calling for him to begin phasing out the program no later than September 5th.

Posted on September 7, 2017 and filed under Jeff Landry, Barack Obama, Donald Trump.