Sportsman’s Paradise Under Attack

Photo source: Faces of Lawsuit Abuse

Photo source: Faces of Lawsuit Abuse

This video highlights the damaging effects of unfounded coastal erosion lawsuits on citizens who live – and make their living – along our Louisiana waterways. Our Sportsman’s Paradise is under attack by the  trial lawyers pursuing  these lawsuits. Almost anyone is a target – from fishermen and boat operators to landowners. These suits have prompted many of private landowners to cut off public access to waterways and channels over fear of litigation. Earlier this year, a bill that would have opened up closed waters for public access and navigation failed in the Legislature, and the largest fishing organization in the world announced it would no longer host Bassmaster tournaments here.  

Enough is enough. We must defend our way of life in Louisiana.

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Posted on October 3, 2018 and filed under Louisiana.