What You Won't Hear About Alton Sterling Today

Photo source: KNOE

Photo source: KNOE

Today, Attorney General Jeff Landry declined prosecution of officers that were involved in the 2016 shooting of Alton Sterling outside of a business on the north side of the city.  Throughout the coming days, you'll hear the liberal mainstream media drone on and on regarding the shooting with excuses for Landry not pursuing prosecution, such as political motivation.  However, what you won't hear are some of the facts of this case.

First, Sterling had an obscene amount of drugs and alcohol in his system.  From the AG report, the following was found during the autopsy:

A toxicology test (Exhibit C) was conducted during the autopsy and the results indicated Sterling’s chest blood tested positive for the following substances:

-          Ethanol (29 mg/dL)

-          Blood Alcohol Concentrate (BAC 0.029 g/100mL)

-          Benzoylecgonine (130 ng/mL)

-          Cocaine (26 ng/mL)

-          Amphetamine (23 ng/mL)

-          Methamphetamine (280 ng/mL)

-          Delta-9 Carboxy THC (13ng/mL)

-          Delta 9 THC (3.8 ng/mL)

            Additionally, Sterling’s urine tested positive for Opioids, Cocaine, Cannabinoids (THC), Amphetamines, and Fentanyl. 

            The toxicology report indicated that blood levels of 200-600 ng/mL have been associated with methamphetamine abusers who exhibited violent and irrational behavior. Sterling’s blood level for Methamphetamine was (280 ng/mL) which placed him in this category.

            The toxicology of Alton Sterling clearly indicated that he was under the influence of a combination of illegal substances.

Secondly, the report highlights Sterling's extensive history of interactions with law enforcement and a criminal history.  In one particular case, the circumstances are very similar to the facts of the current investigation.

This incident was documented by the Baton Rouge Police Department under item number 09-00054712 and, other than a seven year difference, mirrors the exact incident that occurred on July 5, 2016 in all but the outcome.

On May 29, 2009, Baton Rouge Police Officer Timothy Daigre responded to a call for service at 999 Rosenwald Street, Baton Rouge, LA. The complainant, identified as Anthonia Anderson B/M, DOB: 04/12/1980, reported that earlier in the evening on May 29, 2009, he had been driving and was approached by Alton Sterling who produced a dark colored handgun and pointed it at him and his passenger.

After being given this information Officer Daigre was directed to where Alton Sterling was selling contraband CDs. This location was identified as 1375 Rosenwald Street, the Scotlandville Grocery Store. 

Officer Daigre relocated to this location and observed an individual who matched the description provided by the victim as Alton Sterling. Upon the officers approach Alton Sterling was carrying a milk crate full of music CDs.

The officer asked Alton Sterling if he had any weapons.

Alton Sterling did not answer the officer, and was instructed put the milk crate on the ground and place his hands on the officer’s marked patrol unit. Alton Sterling complied with the officer instructions.

Officer Daigre began to conduct a Terry frisk, a pat down, of Alton Sterling’s outer clothing for officer safety. As Officer Daigre began this frisk, he noticed Alton Sterling removed his left hand from the hood of the marked unit and moved his hand toward his left front pants pocket.

Officer Daigre stopped Sterling from going into the pocket, and told him (Alton Sterling) to keep his hands on the hood of the vehicle. 

At this time, Sterling ignored the officer’s instructions, spun away from where the officer was attempting to conduct his frisk, and tried to flee from the officer. Officer Daigre grabbed Sterling by the shirt and was able to push him to the ground. During this process, he was giving loud verbal instructions to Sterling to stop resisting.

Once on the ground, Officer Daigre attempted to gain positive control of Alton Sterling, giving him instructions to stop resisting.

During his attempt to restrain Sterling, the officer was able to use his radio and summon assistance.

As the struggle continued, a black semi-automatic 9mm handgun fell from Alton Sterling’s waistband.

East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Deputy Dain Lewis had heard the officers call for assistance and responded. Upon arrival, Deputy Lewis helped subdue Sterling and his resistance was brought to an end.

Alton Sterling was subsequently arrested for the following charges: 40:966C Possession of a firearm while in possession of a Controlled Dangerous Substance, to wit: Marijuana; 14:37 Aggravated Assault; 14:108 resisting arrest; and 14:69.1 Possession of a stolen firearm.

The full report regarding this incident can be found here.

Posted on March 27, 2018 and filed under Jeff Landry, Louisiana.