Citizens for Louisiana Job Creators: AG Landry Locks Up Illegal Immigrant

Photo source: Facebook  

Photo source: Facebook  

Another illegal immigrant engaged in illegal activity. Wilfred Antonio Ramos-Medoza of Jefferson, Louisiana was arrested for his involvement in a scheme of using counterfeit parts to repair airbags, and in one instance, reinserted a used airbag and covered it up with a counterfeit airbag cover.

Working with President Trump's team to take Illegal's off the streets, Attorney General Jeff Landry and the Federal Homeland Security Investigators arrested Ramos-Medoza and booked him with the Illegal Use of Counterfeit Trademark.

Attorney General Jeff Landry has repeatedly called for laws to be enacted that would help protect Louisiana's citizens from illegal aliens and this is just one more example of why these laws are desperately needed.

Thank you General Landry for continuing to protect the citizens of Louisiana against crime and fighting to keep illegals off our streets.