Landry: Give Murders Death Penalty Gov Edwards: Hug-A-Convict

Citizens for Louisiana Job Creators issued the following statement regarding the dispute between AG Jeff Landry and Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards on executions in the state: 

Photo source: WGNO

Photo source: WGNO

Attorney General Jeff Landry is once again standing up for victims of violent crime and exposing Governor John Bel Edwards for being weak on crime when it comes to punishing some of the most heinous criminals in the state.

Recently, the Governor voluntarily stayed the executions of some 70 convicted murderers currently sitting on death row in Louisiana, blaming a federal case that has prevented Louisiana from carrying out the death penalty since 2010.  

Instead of working with General Landry and the Louisiana Department of Justice to find alternative options that would allow the state to carry out these executions, and obtain justice for victims and their families, Governor Edwards has refused justice for victims and adopted soft policies on punishing criminals.

Thank you, General Landry, for having the courage to fight for justice on behalf of victims who cannot fight for themselves.

Read General Landry's letter to Governor Edwards

Posted on July 26, 2018 and filed under Jeff Landry, John Bel Edwards, Louisiana.