Citizens for Louisiana Job Creators: AG Jeff Landry: Red River Waterway Appointment Unlawful

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This week, Attorney General Jeff Landry exposed Governor Edwards' backroom deal when he appointed his friend, Michael DeVille, to the Red River Waterway Commission.

Based on the opinion released Wednesday by the Louisiana Department of Justice, which was requested by the Caddo Levee District and state Senators Greg Tarver and Barrow Peacock, the pertaining law states that the governor shall appoint from a list of nominees. Carolyn Prator, wife of Caddo Parish Sheriff Steve Prator, was unanimously nominated by the entities responsible for providing the Governor with names to select from for the appointment. Michael DeVille was not a nominee.

Governor Edwards refusal to follow the law is the latest move by the governor to punish his adversaries as it has been widely reported that Governor Edwards refusal to appoint Mrs. Prator is due to the fact that she is the wife of Sheriff Prator who has publicly criticized the Governor's "criminal justice reform" bills that let criminals out of jail every month. 

It has become apparent in the 33 months since John Bel Edwards took office, that the checks and balances the Landry Justice Department provides is needed. 

Thank you General Landry for holding the Edwards Administration accountable.
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Posted on September 20, 2018 and filed under Louisiana, John Bel Edwards, Jeff Landry.