LAGOP Statement On John Bel Edwards Running For Re-Election 

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Baton Rouge, LA - Today, Gov. John Bel Edwards formally announced his campaign for re-election as Louisiana's governor. Since taking office, John Bel Edwards has continually signed tax increases, crippled the state’s business climate, and followed the progressive left-wing policies which hurt working families. We cannot afford to have another term with John Bel Edwards’ regressive, anti-growth agenda. Louisiana deserves new leadership in 2019.

“After 3 years and countless sessions, Louisianans' have received nothing but empty promises and a state that places last in just about every category. Governor Edwards continues to preach about “reaching across the aisle” but has yet to stray from his party’s tax and spend agenda,” said LAGOP Chairman Louis Gurvich.

“As we have seen repeatedly, Gov. Edwards continues to put his Democrat progressive political agenda, friends and donors over our hard-working Louisiana voters. Our state must get away from the “Huey Long” way of doing things. John Bel Edwards used the slogan “Honor Code” in his 2015 campaign speeches saying, “he would not lie, cheat, steal or tolerate those who do” as of today, we feel this Governor has not lived up to this slogan,” said Executive Director Andrew Bautsch.

Louisianans can be confident that we will push back over the coming months to ensure Louisiana gets the leader it so desperately needs!

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