Louisiana Oil and Gas Political Action Committee (LOGPAC) Endorses Beau Beaullieu


September 30, 2019

For Immediate Release:

The Louisiana Oil and Gas Political Action Committee (LOGPAC) has endorsed Beau Beaullieu for Louisiana House of Representatives, District 48 race!  After an in-depth review of his candidacy, campaign and policy position, Beaullieu was selected by LOGPAC to receive this distinction. 

According to the endorsement letter, ‘The oil and gas industry is the lifeblood of Louisiana, and LOGPAC seeks to support candidates that celebrate Louisiana’s oil & gas sector.  LOCPAC exists to fight the constant threats to our industry posed by litigation, over regulation, and excessive taxation. To protect against such threats, the oil and gas industry needs a large, efficient, and unified representation to make their voices heard.’  Beaullieu will play a vital role in protecting the small and independent oil and gas producers in Louisiana.

Beaullieu, who has emerged as the pro-business candidate in this race continues to be a voice of reason for job growth in Acadiana.  ‘For too many years we have seen businesses leave Louisiana for neighboring states and other opportunities.  It’s time to stop the outmigration of our industry and bring jobs back to Louisiana!  We need to create a Louisiana where our oil & gas businesses can do more than just survive, we need a Louisiana where they can thrive!’

LA House District 48, is located in a large portion of Iberia Parish and parts of Lafayette and St Martin Parish.  The seat is currently held by Speaker of the House Taylor Barras who is term limited.  For more information on the Beaullieu campaign, you can email them at beauforacadiana@gmail.com.

Posted on October 1, 2019 and filed under Beau Beaullieu, Oil and Gas.