The Economy in Acadiana is Looking Strong in 2019

Photo source: Wikipedia

Photo source: Wikipedia

Looking strong in all industries but one, our illustrious governor’s favorite red-headed stepchild, the oil and gas industry. The same industry that he and his ambulance chasing trial lawyer buddies love to sue.   

While things are looking up in some sectors, Bill Fenstermaker, chairman and CEO of Fenstermaker & Associates, said oil and gas revenues have dropped about $750,000,000 a year for the past three years. He suggested the current administration's policies could be causing Texas oil companies to avoid drilling in Louisiana, especially in the Gulf of Mexico. 

Those of us that depend on the oil and gas industry to feed our families are tired of seeing this industry get kicked around by the Democrat Party and, most particular, John Bel Edwards, the Cajun Obama himself. This industry has given countless thousands of families in this state a good source of income for decades and for this governor to use his influence in order to shakedown this industry is disgraceful.

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