Something Needs to Be Done Regarding Our Litigious State

Photo source: Above the Law

Photo source: Above the Law

Just take a drive down Hwy 90 in the Iberia / Lafayette/ St. Martin corridor and you’ll see exactly what kind of shape we are in regarding lawsuits. The number of personal injury attorney billboards are incredible in a mere 5-10 miles stretch. The Louisiana Legislature needs to come together and find a solution for the legal cesspool that we are wading in here in this state

Chance McNeely, executive director of the Louisiana Motor Transport Association, said in such cases the deck typically is stacked against trucking companies.

“In Louisiana we estimate our insurance costs are three to five times more than the national average,” McNeely told Transport Topics. “We have a litigious culture, and we have a significant amount of marketing for lawsuits against trucks. Our trucks are doing what a lot of trucking companies are doing, that’s putting cameras on their trucks. Self-defense is our best approach.”

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Posted on March 8, 2019 .