LOGA Responds to President Trump Celebration of Louisiana’s Energy Producers


BATON ROUGE, LA (April 14, 2019) — The Louisiana Oil & Gas Association applauds President Donald Trump’s actions to unleash an American energy revolution on American soil.  

“It’s refreshing to hear an administration celebrate the oil and gas industry and see their continued push for American energy dominance,” said Gifford Briggs, President of the Louisiana Oil & Gas Association. “The oil and gas industry has been an economic powerhouse for our country, our state, and our local communities. It is long past time Louisiana moves on from the job and investment stifling litigations and taxation policy, and unleash the true potential of Louisiana’s oil and gas industry. We thank President Trump for his visit and look forward to working alongside his administration to unleash the true potential of the American energy producer.”  

About The Louisiana Oil & Gas Association

The Louisiana Oil & Gas Association was organized in 1992 to represent the independent and service sectors of the oil and gas industry in Louisiana; this representation includes exploration, production, and oilfield services. LOGA’s primary goal is to provide our industry with a working environment that will enhance the industry. LOGA services its membership by creating incentives for Louisiana’s oil & gas industry, warding off tax increases, changing existing burdensome regulations, and educating the public and government of the importance of the oil and gas industry in the state of Louisiana. Find out more information at: http://www.loga.la

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