“Honor Code” Leads Louisiana to Last Place Yet Again

Photo source: Wikipedia 

Photo source: Wikipedia 

After all the talk about his “Honor Code” during the election, it seems like Gov. John Bel Edwards couldn’t lead an elementary school parade, much less the State of Louisiana.

Louisiana ranked at or near the bottom in all categories. Fiscal stability was the state’s strongest category ranking (43rd). U.S. News acknowledged the Louisiana government’s relatively stable credit score and a liquidity that was on par with the national average.

But the state ranked last in crime, natural environment and opportunity. The list noted a poverty rate well above the national average and average household income of $46,165 (roughly $14,000 short of the national average). The state’s incarceration rate is among the worst in the country and violent crime is high.

Louisiana, don’t fall for this clown’s crap come November. Vote Republican!

Posted on May 16, 2019 and filed under John Bel Edwards, Louisiana.