LANDRY: Statement in Response to Judge Feldman’s Ruling in Coastal Permit Lawsuits

New Orleans, La. (May 29, 2019)

Following the ruling by U.S. District Court Judge Martin Feldman regarding removal actions in the coastal permit lawsuits targeting Louisiana’s energy industry, Melissa Landry, a spokesperson for the legal teams representing several major oil and natural gas companies named as defendants in the suits, released the following statement:

“Judge Feldman's ruling addressed the complex framework of federal laws at issue in this case and he found that there could be substantial grounds for a difference of opinions in deciding these important questions,” said Landry on behalf of the legal team representing ChevronConocoPhillips and ExxonMobil.

“We appreciate Judge Feldman’s decision to grant our motion for interlocutory appeal the issues analyzed in his ruling and we look forward to presenting our positions to the Fifth Circuit. As we’ve asserted from the beginning, these cases belong in federal court.

"The energy industry has lawfully operated in Louisiana for decades, employing thousands of Louisianans and contributing substantially to national, state and local economies. For decades, oil and gas operations have been carried out under federal supervision, and in compliance with federal laws and regulations, enacted to permit the responsible use and development of Louisiana's coastal resources while protecting the environment.

”Many of the activities at issue in this case were governed by federal permits and most of the operations took place long before the state implemented coastal management laws. The plaintiffs’ own experts acknowledged these facts.”

Posted on May 30, 2019 and filed under Oil and Gas, Louisiana.